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Hi Everyone,
This obviously is my first post. I may have had one NDE but it certainly wasn't as profound as some of the ones I have read and heard.

I have had communication with deceased persons and a dream which communicated my maternal grandpa's death. Also I've experienced some weird things.

I hope to be able to contribute and respond.

Thanks for posting Paula Sue

and welcome

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Welcome to the forum PaulaSue. Looking forward to your contributions.

Have a nice day
Welcome PaulaSue

Enjoy the story browser too!

LINK: Story Browser
Hello PaulaSue,

So nice to have you join us.
I would love to hear more about the dream communications and dreams that you mention, if you don't mind sharing with us.

Hello PaulaSue, Natalie and each others folks,

I am also new member which hope for more deep understanding of NDE phenomenon - even if I have had these experience (myself) / (arcihve 1-1-13 till -- )no.:3229/ - I want to know and search more info to understand why I had to be returned to this strange and spooky world as the Earth is...

Josef P NDE

(Edited by Garry to include the link to Josef's Story)
Welcome Josef!
Can't wait to go back and re-read your story, and so nice to have an experiencer here. You guys are the experts!
Thank you, all for the greetings...and welcome Josef.
I obviously don't come on to this site and I know I should. I guess I let too many other things get in my way.

I have been becoming more aware of things I have been doing for years. For instance: if I'm driving and there is a slow car ahead of me and no chance to pass him/her, I can will the slow driver to either turn at the next opportunity or pull over. I can will a green light to stay green or turn green by the time I get there. I have at times "turned off" those huge street lights as I've come upon them when driving. Usually my mood is heightened with the street light thing. Who knows?

Also, for awhile, I would see a red flash in front of my eye and for some reason would slow my speed, only to find out I have averted/skirted a hazardous situation. Who know? (My mantra??)

I know this isn't NDE related and I'm off topic, but these experiences boggle my mind and only make me want more!!

Take care.
Hi Paula Sue
It sounds like you may have some psychic or telekenetic abilities. I'm glad to hear that you have averted danger sometimes by paying attention to your observations!

As far as 'willing' people to do stuff, I'd be careful as it seems that the Universe has designed free will into the process, and controlling others usually seems to have unintended consequences -at least, that's what many esoteric practitioners say.
Jem, thank you for the reply and the warning/heads-up about toying with the universe. I will certainly heed your advice!
Hi PaulaSue,

Don't worry there something strange with you. You can be more sensitive and able to see or follow things around you more then the others can. I am certain our destiny is more less determined. (They showed me my future, to convince me, that returning is desirable / necessary/). This experience had to be forgotten, for me because it is not allowed to know future). But I can see also strange things and signs. For example I mostly don't need umbrella, because rains start when I open some door and to go inside and other way round. Of course this can not happen always.

Yesterday my son got first credit card and put it on desk and told me "look on the picture". Imagine!! there is tower bridge from Prague. One week ago I stopped my project - to create this tower from wax and cast it from tin. Do you know what I will do next week probably :). I take it as common events - I think only - it is not me who is able to influence these events, but somebody who can give me to know "we are still here" and follow you and still monitoring and record your life. :o
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