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Out-of-Body Experience
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LINK: Susan's Experience

(bolds added)

I was sitting in a dimly lit room staring into the darkness of my bedroom meditating. The meditation was on "love" or "death". My 19 year old sister had died two years before.

I was suddenly in a tunnel. I was unaware of my feet moving, but I was moving. There was a coolness and the sound of swooshing. I came out of the tunnel into, what can best be described as a "large cavern". there were lots of people, faces, but I was not aware of bodies. One woman, who I did not recognize, looked at me and said, "It's so nice to see you." and voices all around me started saying things like, "We thought you'd never come." and "What took you so long.". They were all talking but I couldn't concentrate on what they were saying. I just kept thinking, "Who are these people?".

I glanced around at the faces and saw a small light in the distance. The faces parted, and made a path for me, and I started walking toward the light. A voice that seemed to come from the light, began to tell me a story. As I moved toward the light, it became brighter and brighter. It said, "The people of the earth have forgotten. They do not take care of the earth. They do not take care of each other. There is not much time for the people of the earth. Where I am it is called 'Clasp Hands'."

There was more to the story that i was told, but I don't remember it now. The light got brighter the closer I got and by the end of the story, I was at it. I had been unable to take my eyes off of it from the moment I saw it. When the voice stopped speaking, I asked, "What can I do?" At that moment the light became as bright as the sun, and no voice said it but I felt it answer "Love!" A tingling began at the top of my head and ran down my spine, out to the tips of my fingers and down to my toes. It was the most wonderful feeling that I have ever experienced in my life. I was in heaven. My husband came into the room, about this time and touched me. I was back just as suddenly as I had left. Tears were streaming down my face (tears of joy) and I knew what we are here for.
Hi Jem,

I am very Jealous of Susan's spiritual insight experience. The part
"The people of the earth have forgotten. They do not take care of the earth. They do not take care of each other. There is not much time for the people of the earth. "
reminds me of many prophetic traditions, especially native americans, Cayce, and others.
Speaking of "Susan", checkout (of all people) Susan Blackmore's fantastic OBE:

You can't go wrong with that! Love can heal humanity and our earth! Only if more will take the time and stop from our running around being super busy to stop and remember that and say nice things to everyone they come in contact with. It spreads you know!
Thanks for sharing.
I think that the world need have a NDE.

you know,
in large scale, the world needs shift your priorities, what matter, what doesn't matter...

some say that is necessary one next step toward to evolution, like happened when the humanity turned of Australopithecus to homo sapiens.

They called this new step: Homo Noeticus

the rise to homo noeticus will solve this crisis?

:) Have a Nice week!
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