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Out-of-Body Experience
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It's great to see the new out of body experience stories show up on OBERF every week!

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LINK: OBE about particles

From Mary's OBE:

When I focused my attention on the grass the love was like, I am reveling in the life, in the detail. I am love reveling and expressing myself as grass, it was glorious!

In the experience of being one of the trees, I felt the love resonating like a sense of strength and glorious power, sturdiness, like powerfulness, longevity.

When I felt the love when beam first reached me, it was first like I am precious, I am cherished, I felt cherished, I felt me specifically, I am loved by God and I want you to feel that, that truth, that knowing in your cells, that you are cherished, you are loved, you are precious, you are God's precious baby, delicate precious infant, God's own creation. God loves you as if you were the only thing in existence.

God loves everything like that. God loves all of existence preciously and specifically. God glories in the detail of the magnificence of the life you are co-creating with God. I love God.

When my focus shifted to the rocks, I lost my focus from the love, as I was so surprised, I still felt the love but my focus was on "really? I am the rock? Really?"

When my focus shifted to become the universe, the love reestablished and multiplied with such immense, immense love.
I love remembering it. I love trying to get back to the place, the immensity of the whole universe. I love it. So full, so incredibly awesome, immense love, I want that love for you. I want you to know the immensity of the love that God has for everything in the universe and the universe itself. It's so immense, I love that.

I want to try to take you there with me so imagine how big the earth is, wait, no, back it up, imagine how small a grain of sand is. So you make the earth a grain of sand, and then the sun is as big as the earth, then you make the sun a grain of sand and the solar system as big as the sun then you make the solar system a grain of sand and the galaxy as big as the solar system then you make the galaxy a grain of sand and a tiny little piece of the universe as big as the galaxy then you make the entire, all the quadrant of the Universe a grain of sand and the Void is bigger than the universe, if the universe is a grain of sand. Then stretch it all back, that is the immensity of love.

When my focus went to the field of particles I kind of had the thought "what is this?" which was immediately answered with, this is the tiniest particle. This is what matter comes from. This is love expressed as material.

This is what everything is constructed from.
This love, this love expressed as matter, is what the universe is made out of. This is love, this is God's love. Each physical piece of it is love and consciousness and the space between is love consciousness and infinite knowledge infinite information. This is what you did not know yet. This thing, this is it, this is the bridge between my love unexpressed and you. This is the bridge between all that energy unexpressed in the void and you, this field.

I drifted through the field not in any particular spot and I observed how the particles were organized in this matrix and in the matrix the particles were not touching each other, not a single one was touching any of the other ones.

They emitted a light and the rays of light from one reached the rays of light from the other and they entangled and those lines of energy kept the distance stabilized. The energy pushing out, the rays coming out kept the next particle separate there was like a tiny membrane around each particle and inside the particle was illuminated too, it is not that there's something more, this is IT this is the tiniest thing this radiating particle. If I was really going to draw it, it really just looks white but I was seeing or experiencing the information of the particles-ness of the substance, that its actually matter, the way we understand, the way common people understand matter.

Just let me be clear on that, since taking a bunch of physics classes there's some people would say there's no matter in the universe, that is all energy. Well matter is energy, expressed as matter, it's different resonance. It's stable energy and is different. It's not just energy, it's energy expressed as matter. It's love actually. It has equilibrium, a push and a pull, or a radiance and a grab I don't know, anyway, within each little buffered field, each particle did have some wiggle room to move around. It didn't spin.

I shared this story with my astronomy professor and he asked me if they were spinning but they were not spinning. They were just moving slightly in their positions and sometimes there would be several moving in sequence so there would be like the wave effect, mostly they were individually just little nudges moving around slightly so I can now extrapolate what that could result in. Any tiny fluctuation could result in the fabulous detail of the reality that we exist in. Just like that fractal math, the tiniest little fluctuation creates detail and that's what I saw and the love there was really immense and phenomenal too and I don't want to lose that, each particle was conscious and loved specifically.
I wonder if any of this matches what physicists think is going on
Sounds close enough. Google "string theory" "quantum entanglement" and "wave theory" under quantum physics. Matter is really just an energy wave, and things can be bound and unbound from a distance.
"Pauli exclusion principle" describes how particles must occupy separate space so matter appears to occupy more room than it really does. Spin in quantum physics refers to a magnetic moment that causes a particle to move as though it had orbital momentum.
Spotted on GLP:

Pretty fantastic

"Angel teaches man how to do OBE, secrets of the universe, and tells of our future"

That was one of the most interesting stories I have read.

I don't feel it is one that someone who isn't interested in the topics we discuss would be able to comprehend , but I myself found it very enlightening

Why Am I Here

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Good find!
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