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​Love is not a sort of thing to change after meeting obstacles or surrender hardly feeling a change.It is a lighthouse facing the storms as an unwavering guard.It is not a flower getting dry to come to an end of life,because will be growing in every place the water is not found,where is the sunshine not to be able fooling a melancholy grief.

Very nice!
​If I could turn back the time,
hold you in the arms of mine,
took you away from waiting death
until my last loving breath.

If I could turn back the time,
hold you in my arms till I die,
we could stay as one together
in that snowing frosty weather.

If I could turn back the time,
November is the time of prime,
we would be the warmest kissing,
only you I have been missing.

If I could turn back the time,
we are drinking a glass of wine,
every tear could effaced by kiss,
not horrible pain like this.

If I could turn back the time,
we are sitting under the pine,
holding you by seashore tight,
feeling on my face sunlight.

If I could turn back the time,
your every breath is part of mine,
will always love you,my only one,
writing for you,my beloved Jan.

Thank you for sharing this Janka. It brought a tear to my eye. Love and hugs to you.
Excellent poem from the heart
This is a lovely poem
LionL wrote: Thank you for sharing this Janka. It brought a tear to my eye. Love and hugs to you.

Dear LionL,

thanks a lot for such kind words as I´m hearing from you for the first time.Anyway a well-meaning comment is sometimes more useful than thousands words.I read your post to know you better and I´m pleased with meeting you and others wonderful people here.You can read my experience as Janka ADC story posting in the 26th of June 2014.I´ve been working almost every day to do not think about me too much,because then I can´t stop crying as well as yesterday during of composing my poem.I feel so tired of all the things I´ve been going through,but staying strong because of my beloved Jan.Thanks once again and hope to hear from you later.

Greetings from Slovakia!

Misha wrote: Excellent poem from the heart

Dear Misha,
thank you!It makes me happy.Does it mean so much to me.I enjoy every moment spending with all of you.
With that said there is a spiritual family I´ve found here.

Marguy wrote: This is a lovely poem

Thank you!
Well said,dear Marguy,as it´s written from the bottom of my heart as it´s known.
Hope you are doing well and look forward to your message again.

Greetings from Slovakia!

It´s such a lonely darkest night,
you used to hold me warm and tight,
want you closer a little bit,
who could ever thought of it?

In the darkest lonely night
I was having had a light
always shining in my heart,
where is of my being part?

So far away yet along with me,
where could ever heavens be?
waiting for you still to come,
maybe have to stand more some.

So far away but close to me,
who could thought the life can be?
where are you,my only one?
used to be with me,dearest Jan.

I don´t want to cry tonight,
I have the reason to be in right,
you came to me two days ago,
I felt a shiver up to toe.

The glockenspiel started to play
I bought you for a Christmas day,
it was here at one o´clock
making me a little shock.

I felt it as a grip such hot
telling you I miss you a lot,
I realized the time is up,
you went away,I took a nap.

Now you´re gone but it doesn´t seem sad,
because it feels still hot,you´re not dead,
go on writing for you,sweetest honey,
such a magic gift can´t pay the money.

I´ve got you and you´ve got me,
that´s the way the love should be,
it´s the most important precious gift,
we´ll be flying or is there a heaven´s lift?

I´m waiting for you to hold me forever
missing you even more than ever,
you´ll always be my only one,
my heart is beating for you,dearest Jan.

There´s no one heard of my heart´s cry,
it can´t stop sound until I die,
though I shout of my whole lungs,
there´s no one felt of such strong thumps.

Every one is such alone,
living daily on his own,
till the love may cross the street,
makes you hot from top to feet.

Love is such a special thing,
let it in the heart such ring,
make it happen to be the worth,
take away everything worst.

Flowers will be bloom again,
forget almost your every pain,
listen to the singing birds,
don´t think of it so much hurts.

We´re not so slight and poor,
together knock on heaven´s door,
I´m yours and you´re mine,my only sun,
all that we´re living for,my sweetest Jan.

I can´t stop writing for you not at all to hide​
how much it all hurts when beloved one died,
I feel so alone with the hollow in my heart
as I´ve been always thinking of my being part.

When I´m sometimes laughing,everyone is around
but if I´m standing crying,there´s not heard a sound,
the life is now so hard,some people lost a compassion
when I talk about you or the loss I mention.

Our love is a miracle,it´s flowing from within
that´s the only reason I can´t stop you kissing,
you´re by my side but can´t feel your touch
that´s why I´m all the time missing you so much.

My God,please,you see my worry as I can´t help it,
you´re known my love for him and of course you felt it,
I can´t live without you,my sweetest,dearest Jan,
I want to shout to whole world,you´re my only one!

Your love is not like the leaves falling down in the autumn to come.
It is like the roots deep in the ground protecting in the storm forever.
Your happiness has been mine as well as your misery has been mine too.
I have always known and felt it from the beginning.
We have become one till eternity,
my dearest Jan!

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
​I´m here for you and go on writing,
dreaming of you is so exciting,
I´m here again,will write forever,
miss you daily more than ever.

Here I am,don´t want to cry
to beat the tears I always try,
I can´t help me,it hurts so much,
the tears are falling,I need your touch.

Here I am feeling so sore,
in the night I will suffer more,
I´m waiting for a sign to come,
my heart is beating as a drum.

We can meet still everywhere,
I know that you´re always there,
there for me being as one,
I love you so much,dearest Jan!

My dearest and only one I go on writing for you,
I´d like to talking to you and so much to show you,
how the world works now when I´m being alone,
understanding I´ve been missing I feel up to the bone.

My poems are full of grief,it feels so much sad,
but it sometimes happens when the world is bad,
there´s a few best friends not only for a fashion,
when I write these words you know whom I mention.

There´re also people they have lost compassion,
but I can see through them now,so I pay attention,
yesterday you let me know it doesn´t really matter,
all the things we´re going through without them´ll be better.

They can´t understand what it does all mean,
our love and things about we both are only seen,
do you hear the sound in background right now going?
it is Rondo Veneziano for you and only playing.

The music is playing now,it sounds in your heart,
you know that is you as being of my part,
I´ve got you and you´ve got me,it does only matter,
even if all the rest might be almost shatter.

I´m writing this poem late at night,
when used to hold me warm and tight,
we made together our lifetime plan,
how do I live without you,beloved Jan?

Hi Janka

Well done!

Maybe you would like to make a small web site all about Jan?
Do you remember the magic nights together,
when we both wanted live now and forever?
"Le donne amano" and then "le canzoni altri",
we´re falling asleep and singing Peppino di Capri?

Now the music playing makes me feel so sad,
when I hear this heartbreaking song,it´s really bad,
I´m sitting here alone,but it´s not all over now,
miss you in my arms so much,that´s why I feel so low.

Write you now,but can´t see through the tears,
miss you in every place,it hurts like the spears,
go on writing for you,lay your hand on my heart,
you can hear my heartbeat,we´ll never be apart.

Please,don´t keep me waiting in my place too much,
my heart is crying for you as I need your touch,
nobody knows how I feel but you,my only one,
life began when you came in my life,my dearest Jan.

...in my life there´s just an empty space...all my dreams are lost...I´m wasting away...want to save me...my heart belongs to you...I find it so hard to go on...come back into my arms...I´m so alone...

by Steelheart

​I´m a part of you and you´re a part of me.
There´s nobody else but you and you´re always mine too.
How do I live without you now when we´ve become one forever?
I can´t live without my heart...
I can´t live without my soul...
I can´t live without you...
This must be the everlasting love,
my beloved Jan!

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
Today is my sunny name day,honey,
I spent for it a lot of saved money
to celebrate with you in our room,
for you´ll be always the flowers bloom.

Today I was walking in our place
hoping I can see your pretty face,
something was happened in the glow,
you painted in sky the magic rainbow.

Today I felt something to caress my soul,
for a while stopped for me the world whole,
it was a miracle you sent from above
to make me a smile,my endless love.

Today the rain was falling on my face,
it was like living in some other space,
they were the silver water drops,
I was only wishing it never stops.

Today I was feeling in the rain only you,
sun went on shining between gold and blue,
the rainbow you made for me within so much,
I reach out my hand to do feel your touch.

Today happened something to do not forget,
I´m dreaming of you lying here in my bed,
on here or somewhere in other place
I feel that I can see your beautiful face.

Today I felt a magic between you and me then,
that´s our way how the life can only be again,
I know that one day I´ll hold you tight,you´re my sun,
again in that loving and shining light,my dearest Jan.

It´s such a rainy day,my sweetest honey,
the day before yesterday was still sunny,
I was celebrating the name day in our place,
wherever I moved looking for your loving face.

It doesn´t understand who never felt this way,
all of the things still alive we can only say,
every day is getting harder without your touch,
no one can understand that I love you so much.

It doesn´t really matter what the others say,
I have my own way how to for us pray,
everywhere I´m going,you´re always there,
there´s no barrier being with me or anywhere.

They never understand we´re still together,
in sunny warm days and storming cold weather,
as they always use to split on here or there,
although you may be always and everywhere.

I wanted to share with people I took for friends,
but I keep it for myself when understanding ends,
I still have the kind people staying by my side,
they´re here when I´m sad,tumble-down and tired.

This is my pray I´m talking to you,my dear,
being without you hurts,it feels like the spear,
everyone is yet alone living on his own,
I find it very hard when I´m feeling down.

This is the truth what I sometimes find,
when someone is to the compassion blind,
I don´t make any illusions about them,you´re my only sun,
you´re everything I´m living for,my dearest Jan!

I feel your presence from the top to my leg,
but nothing in the world could take you back
to where we both always used to be,my dear,
I feel endless happiness when I have you near.

In the dark and lonely night,I need your loving light,
I feel sad and gloomy now,I want to hold you tight,
nothing in the world would take you back to me
although I pray every day falling on my knee.

I look forward to days when you are here with me,
I can feel you in my arms where you want to be,
lay your hand on my heart and caress all my soul
while the angels from above save the world whole.

It doesn´t matter whether you are here or there,
I bring you in my heart,you can be everywhere,
I play the piano always waiting for you,my sun,
in the night you are my shining star,beloved Jan.

I´m writing again in honour of you,oh my dear,
lying in the bed very ill and wanting you so near,
there´s no one here to lift me up,I feel so weak,
it´s hurting me more than anyone could speak.

Everyone´s making wise but doesn´t understand
how it feels when I have each day alone to stand,
how do I live to hold on all alone in my place
if I can´t hear your voice,touch your loving face?

Nothing helps when you´re not here with me
that´s not the way my life should always be,
I can cry or even pray,things stay the same,
there´s no one in the world that may to claim.

I close my eyes feeling so tired,now it´s so late,
I try to be in harmony to be not feeling hate
for injustice I must stand for the rest of life
to be without you all alone till I one day die.

Thus I´m ending my poem feeling so low,
I love you much more than the world whole,
dearest Jan,I hold you tight kissing you once more,
my heart´s always beating for you,never stop adore.

I go on writing for you,dearest sweetheart,
then I feel better because of you,my part,
it's raining again,the heavens crying for us,
you feel it from my heart beating as one thus.

I miss you even more than I can only say,
I don't stop praying for us,it's my true way,
if the whole world should be going against,
I'll always hinder till my loving breath last.

I try to stand in good condition,it's so hard,
though I feel I can't go on,again I must start,
in the morning or ending the strenuous day,
it's only you where my heart always lay.

I'm here for you and never go far away,
till you'll be back,in my place I always stay,
you're the ornament of heavens,my dear,
your endless love may efface my every tear.

I feel my heartbeat thinking of you again,
I can't stop dreaming of you till then,
I'll be always loving you,my sweetest Jan,
you're my only one,there's no way to ban.

I´m sitting in the room,my dear honey,
thinking of our holiday,was still sunny,
we had many beautiful dreams together,
believing that we go on living forever.

I have now around me many strange people,
wish they´d be understood at least a little,
don´t mean to be indignant,I really don´t,
when I understanding and humanness want.

I feel so lost when you´re not here with me,
wish that my life like before would always be,
I´m staying at home so ill and very sad,
thinking of you falling asleep in my bed.

Wish I was seeing in your eyes shining stars,
as it always used to be laying in my arms,
want to fall asleep there,where you are,
transporting me high a heavenly spar.

I need you by my side,lay hand on my heart,
there´re things we only know,you´re my part,
no matter where´re going,still staying as one,
as you´re my only happiness,my dearest Jan.

Today I met good people making me smile,my dear,
feels so nice,it´s going better now,I have no fear,
I want to feel strong,not going down hurting again,
waiting for you,I´ll not notice any wrong till then.

In evening I was talking to the good friend by phone,
that´s why I don´t feel in this moment so alone,
all of bad things don´t seem so horrible right now,
there´re true friends,so it may handle somehow.

Dreaming of you,listen to the music I always like,
think of double rainbow we saw above our dike,
it was the place made for us,touching the soul,
there hidden in the mountains our world whole.

I want to put my face in your loving hands,
feeling under my feet the gentle gold sands,
I´d give my all to feel on your skin always sun,
it´s about us and never be else,my dearest Jan.

Your poems are so good! I cannot write poetry at all...

I'm glad you feel better today. Your poem is uplifting
Thank you!
I really feel better today.
Want to tell "Hi" to everyone on this site,
also wish a nice weekend to each of you as we´re all connected.
Isn´t it?


My dearest and only one,miss you so much,
everywhere I go,missing your loving touch,
your deep and tender eyes full of endless love,
so crystalline blue shining more than sky above.

My dearest and only one,miss you even more,
than anyone in the world at all would adore,
your soft and warm lips full of sweet passion,
so used to always called as the love station.

My dearest and only one,miss you and always will,
following you anywhere though on the highest hill,
your smooth and strong hands full of tender power,
so early in the morning whether in the latest hour.

My dearest and only one,miss you and yet forever,
by way going through each day more than ever,
your pure and loving heart warming more than sun,
so much in love adore you,my dear and beloved Jan.

It´s so hard today,I´m always being lonely,
when I´m not at work,feeling the pain only,
Saturday is gloomy,it´s raining all day long,
just my sorrowful crying is of my heart song.

I can´t help myself,it hurts without you much,
when I miss you always,can´t feel your touch,
don´t look for a consolation,there´s a little bit,
too little to throw off each day incurable hit.

Although I take a seat at the Cathedral Mass,
the living without you is getting harder thus,
there´re only friends not getting such blow,
I´m feeling all alone with lot of my tears flow.

Well,I write these words for getting you closer,
this evening it´s going to be this way much nicer,
you may stop the tears so falling from my eyes,
my heart is always true,you know there´re no lies.

Come to me,just hold me so warm and tight,
as used to all days be,every day and night,
I can´t stop my heart´s bleeding,my beloved Jan,
you´re the angel from above,mine and only one.

hang in there Janka.
the weight of your heart is obvious through your gentle but o so heavy words.
I know nothing can or should replace what you lost.
I'm also convinced your Jan knows how much you love him.
Love is everlasting, it never dies because it is part of god's energy.
Hang in there.
Dear Dennis!

I´ve read your post since you visited this site.I was hoping for someone like you to come.
It´s a pleasant change to talk to you,clearly seeing your understanding and compassion this way.
I´ve been writing in honour of my beloved Jan and I´ll always be for the rest of my life.
My beloved Jan is irreplaceable for me.He´s close to me all the time,waiting for me in a good
place,knowing that one day I´ll be with him again...forever...till eternity.
You can read my ADC story from the 26th of June 2014,though it happened long before.
I have my own concept of the heaven I believe in.
When I write these words I can´t see through the tears,so I´m thankful for your kind words.
Hope to hear from you again.

Greetings from Slovakia!

My immortal beloved one,write you from the heart,
dream of you till late at night like of my being part,
as life-giving sap wrapped around eternal tree,
thus I wind into your arms falling on my knee.

I close my eyes to see you near me smiling again,
don´t want to wake up early,prefer to wait till then,
I shout of my whole lungs to the edge of heaven,
when I remember those predestined units of seven.

It was the number at the moment taken you away,
since I got a stab,I see no other meaningful way,
my heart is bleeding,it hurts more than I can say,
you´re the only one to whom my being wants to lay.

Every day I fight,trying to be strong because of you,
doing my best I can to be always worthy of you,
my loving heart is pure,you know there´re no lies,
I´m wishful thinking of you,it´s such a feeling nice.

I send you many kisses coloured like the rainbow,
how much in love adore you,we both only know,
one day you come to take my hand for going on forever,
dearest Jan,I love you so much,each day more than ever.

Hi Janka,
I read your ADC story, its simply beautiful. It doesn't matter what concept of heaven you have and whether or not it fits with anyone else's, you have a god-given right to it! I would be the last to judge anyone for having a different opinion. 'Down here' everything we come up with falls far short of the wonderful reality. The fullness of reality just won't fit in our physical brains. I'm sure Jan is with you, without a doubt. I believe that Love like yours creates a divine channel linking you through time and distance, life and death. Actually I think Love is the only thing which creates...
I pray that you will find the (super human) strength you need to go on, although it seems impossible. May the love of God fill you and build you up to be stronger than ever and may you be an example to many others so they may be inspired.
My beloved and only one,I miss you very much,
when I write these words,I´m close to you such,
this is another sleepless night to be all alone,
need you very near me,my heart is your home.

I stay by now at home feeling still sore and ill,
but feel a comfort knowing with you I always will,
I´ve found the people to understand me a lot,
respecting all the time of you my every thought.

I´ll let them take me where I need to go,
then I´m feeling better,never stay so low,
I can´t pick up pieces from my broken heart,
I only want to be with you of my being part.

It´s what the pain does to me in my loneliness,
being without you overwhelmed with sadness,
wrap your hands around me to feel so alive,
since I met you,started my whole loving life.

I can´t fall asleep till caress your things I keep,
don´t close my eyes without kissing you from deep,
then I hear of my heart beating calling you,my dear,
when I start my dreaming,with you I have no fear.

My heart is full of love undying all the time,
outside is so cold but my soul is in the prime,
I can stand though biggest pain,my dearest Jan,
while you live in my heart,you´re my only one.

Dear Dennis!

I´ve been trying to get my feelings out everytime I write a poem to my beloved Jan dedicated from the bottom of my heart for keeping the memories of my beloved one alive forever.I get through life,although overwhelmed with sadness,but according to my strong values to cope with my pain on my own and as time passes by,I only learn living with pain on and on,but some things don't ever go back to where they were.The pain leaves the scars.Despite of everything I´m staying a positive,smiling and kind person,trying my best I can as a strong person going on as my beloved Jan wish for all days long.Last time while I was walking down the street feeling gloomy again,I took a look at the woman on the pavement and I bought the magazine for homeless to help her,then I gave the money to another homeless to help him and I also contributed to help the blind children...Then I felt better to make a smile again.I try my best I can to relieve the pain of anyone to feel good and to find a comfort in my suffering.People have lost a compassion,therefore everything goes down.If you could only know how much I do love my dearest Jan,more than everything all over the world as well as he always did and never stopped and as well as I´ll always do...
Your thoughts are such remarkable for me anyway.I enjoy getting your post.I like your speech of sort "God-given right to it".It must be a comforting for me anytime I come back for reading it again and again.I esteem how beautiful you express to the love of me and Jan.It really brought a tear to my eye.

Want to thank you for listening to me and finding such a compassion for me.

Many blessings for you!

Hug you from the heart!

Hi all!

I wish to all of you a nice day/evening!
We´re all connected.Isn´t it?
There´s no one here right now,so I miss you all.
Hope to hear from you soon.


I´ve found the grieving people this week,
now I need no more close friends to seek,
lucky one can´t understand a broken soul,
when I always feel in my heart such a hole.

This is what I´ve been looking for so long,
inside of me I hear to sound a tune of song,
I´ve found hard to be overwhelmed with sadness,
it´s what still does to me the running loneliness.

Now I´m finding an easier way to stand a grief,
feeling at moment so light as on a tree the leaf,
what a great feeling having near those people,
they can understand me at least more a little.

Do you hear me,my sweetest angel from above?
yes,it´s been helping me your everlasting love,
you make me smile everytime I feel down,
too let me hear inside a beauty of the sound.

You´re by my side all the time,I always know,
I don´t forget of my name´s day your rainbow,
reach out to you touching your loving face,
holding you my dear to feel your embrace.

Then we can dance in the moonlight again,
being happy to do not feel more the pain,
will be kissing you till my last loving breath,
dearest Jan,there´s no more weeping death.

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