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http://news.stanford.edu/news/2014/july ... 71614.html

Easterners don't have the same practical problems with certain "mental" illnesses because they accept the existence of things unseen and are not as disturbed by hearing voices in their heads.
The Hebrew religion came from Mesopitamia...The Persia Euphrates area. Abraham heard one voice...Gods. Abraham, Moses, and the Jewish prophets all wrote about a coming Messiah. Upon Christ fulfilling Torah...Mid Eastern Christianity was born. Mental illness is a worldwide problem manifesting from many things. Cultural stressors, parental pressure, financial issues, nutritional anomalies.
The message of Christ is an Eastern message that has been perverted by consumerism, cultural materialism, and technology of a people out of touch with God's single, sweet voice. And if the voices are hateful or not they are not God's quiet, loving, spirit. Hence false. Playful lies or demanding lies are lies just the same. Western...Eastern...does it really matter?

Bottomline....judeo/Christian are eastern.
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