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Nicolas P's ADC

I had moved to Philadelphia to pursue my Doctor of Education degree at Temple University. I had recently separated from my wife, Sharon, and she and our two small children remain in New Haven, Connecticut. In March, 1972 I was asleep in my house in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. Sometime during the night I was dreaming of a fog enveloping me when suddenly Sharon appeared out of the fog and took me by my hand. Thinking of a beach in Old Saybrook, Ct where we used to go, we began walking along the shore, hand in hand.

She told me that she loved me and knew that I lover her also. She had some regrets but told me to move on with my life and that she would cherish our time together. She let go of my hand and I returned to my dream. Early the next morning I received a telephone call from a friend of mine who informed me that Sharon had a brain aneurysm and did not survive. The doctors had performed successful surgery and expected her to be well. However, she fell into a coma and never awoke. Of course, I was devastated, but because of my experience I was at peace because we able to say our goodbyes.
I wonder if maybe this happens pretty often but people are afraid to tell others about it.
I know I was briefly visited by both, my mother and mother-in-law as they departed.
With my mother-in-law I awoke at 3:03 am and felt as if she came by to say goodbye. I knew in my heart she was gone. The staff at the care facility said they found her at 3:04 am.
My mom was more personal and I will not talk about it at this time.
I also felt my Dads presence in my girlfriends apartment the night he died at 9:45

Monday when the corner talked to me he told me he died from an aneurysm to the brain and that he was dead before he hit the floor, somewhere between 9:30 and 10:00 Saturday night . It was 9:45 Saturday night when I felt his presence in the room

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That's a cool experience Garry.
What if we are not getting along well with someone when they pass? That's a scary thought (in terms of a visit).
What was a cool expression ?

Why Am I Here

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It was a cool experience that you got to feel your dad's presence!
Oh, if definitely happens. I was on the couch sleeping in the hospital, in my fiance's room. He was on a ventilator, and they were working hard to save his life, feeding him antibiotics all night long. At the time, I did not realize how close to death he was, I thought he was going to be fine.

In the early morning hours, I was still asleep - while sleeping, all of a sudden he was in front of me - we were sitting facing each other, and we were in a dense fog. He looked worried, and he said to me "Honey, I really "do" love you".. I quipped back, Oh, honey, I know that!" Just then, the nurse shook me awake, and said to call the family, it wasn't looking good for him. That morning, a few hours later, he passed. I had arrived after he was ventilated, so had no chance to have any last words with him, beforehand. A very precious gift I will be forever grateful for.
That's amazing!
And I'm sorry for your loss.
My condoleances.
Still, I'm glad you had this invaluable experience. I hope you will always be able to live knowing that everything will be all right in the end.
The thing is, "Hollywood" thinks they know what a happy end is but they really have no idea!

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