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Out-of-Body Experience
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Not a candidate for the AWARE Study.

"This is the case of a person who claims to be able to leave her body at will, so researchers stuck her in an fMRI machine and looked at what happened to her brain when she was having this experience/hallucination.

The word 'hallucination' appears ten times in the case study yet zero times in the Popular Science article. Because of this, a naive person who reads the PopSci article but not the original paper may walk away with the belief that the brain scans show what happens when a person actually leaves their body, as opposed to showing what happens when a person feels as though they are leaving their body.

- http://www.popsci.com/blog-network/unpopular-science/woman-who-thinks-she-can-will-herself-out-her-body

PS: Classic Susan Blackmore
Perhaps the doctors were labelling it as a hallucination, but it was real. Doctors have their own bias too. Dr. Charles Tart was able to verify an OBE observation a few years back, but he had trouble recreating it with Robert Monroe. Labelling something as 'hallucination' or 'reality' is kind of beside the point anyway. Science ideally presents the data first, not the label first.
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