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I bought a cell phone battery charger to recharge a mobile hotspot battery because the unit itself won't do it properly. The Chinese translation makes no sense and contains the phrase "when iseedeadpeople."

I haven't had an NDE using the charger, so maybe it's capabilities are exaggerated. :D :D :D

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Ok then !

weird to say the least

Why Am I Here

One Look Dictionary
"iseedeadpeople" although not real common, is found used as a "keyword" more than one would think.

It seems to come up as use in association with certain computer games and religious organizations (particularly LDS). There's even a Flicker photo gallery named using the subject keyword.

For example, check the links out on these pages:

"iseedeadpeople" link on http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/2994909/posts leading to
It's a cheat code in Fog of War, I'm told, that unlocks a map.

I just can't think of what Haley Joel Osment would have had to do with a battery charger, though.
It just blows my mind how these Chinese factories make stuff like that and never bother to ask a native speaker about the "translation". The whole text is pretty much a mess.
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