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Hello -
Recently I posted a story about my friend's suicide. I want to first thank all those who responded with your insights and thoughts. It has been good to get everyone's take on this matter , especially from a group of individuals who have had such a unique experience. Respectfully too, I noticed that the discussion had been closed, and am curious as to why. If it was something that was said by me or others, please advise as I would like to avoid having this happen again in the future so I may continue to contribute. Thanks!
Hi Nomad,

We closed the discussion because we did not feel that people bringing up Old Testament curses, etc., was respectful to your feelings and your loss after your friend killed himself. Also, people forgot the post rules. We don't allow long pastes from the Bible, Koran, etc. It's better to just use indirect quotation. In other words, it went way off topic into a Bible paste session.

We can open it, or start a new one. Your choice. We do not allow counselling of people with depression on the board, but your case is different and unique.

We're glad you're here, and some of the posts directed towards you were not appropriate for someone who has recently lost a friend. We hope you can feel at home though.

If you have any further questions, please private message me and cc: Garry.

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