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Out-of-Body Experience
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LINK: Susan D's Experience



I was very upset about a personal situation that was causing me much pain and suffering. I had begun to worry about it so much that, on this particular morning, I'd worked myself into a state of sheer panic. My heart was pounding so hard I thought I would have a heart attack. I was pacing the floor, unable to stay calm and praying very hard to God that he would help me with this situation. At first I was praying for relief from the problem, but soon began praying that God would help me calm down physically. I knew my body could not sustain this severe stress response much longer.

I paced into my kitchen (I was home alone) and stared out the window into the sky praying and begging for relief. All of a sudden and out of the blue a perfect calm descended on me and I heard these simple words clearly in my head: "IT IS NOT TIME. JUST BE."

From that time on I was fine--perfectly calm and my heart stopped racing. I was almost happy, even. It was simple, yet amazingly profound. I knew everything was ok.

I felt that God had taken pity on my distraught condition and loved me enough to help me. I assume it was the voice of the LORD, but it could have been an angel or some other heavenly being. I just don't know. But it was from outside myself, yet was heard within my own mind.

The problem did not spontaneously resolve that day, or in the weeks after, but my worry and stress did. I thank God for His love and mercy to me.

Just for clarification, I am perfectly sane, free of mental problems, and have never before or since heard a voice in my mind. (And don't expect to.)
You're okay.
I have had this type of communication several times. Strange, but very cool, isn't it?
Hi ano,
If it's not a secret, was the communication like audible or like an inner-knowing sort of thing?

Very cool that you had something similar bring you peace.
The communication is like hearing a direct voice inside my head, it always seems to come from the left side. It isn't really an audible voice but very close to that. It is just very clearly a message, like the messages I received during my nde.
These have not always been something that brought me peace. Once, the voice saved my life, had I not listened to it, I would have surely been hit by a semi truck that ran its red light.
I am a very sane, normal, functioning person. Most people don't know about these events that I have experienced. Nor, am I likely to tell about them, except maybe here, and to a few trusted friends.
Hi Ano,

Thank you for the details. This kind of stuff is facscinating and inspiring. There is so much we don't understand.
Misha, That's for sure.
I think I will always feel like I am somewhat "here" and somewhat "there". So many years have passed but this feeling continues. I know I need to be here and live within the confines of this place, but my longing is for there, and the peaceful love and acceptance that is there.

I share something with the NDE experiencers: It seems like this place is just not on the right vibration, the love and kindness are not where they could be. It's like the thermostat or volume knob is set somewhere uncomfortable. Sometimes, I wake up and think, "Source, couldn't you have made this place a little bit easier or more positive!?"

Because I respect and believe what NDE experiencers tell us, I know that this place is a learning classroom, and far from perfect, probably on purpose, but sometimes it seems like such a drag. Only by shifting our awareness and expectations, can we deal with it and not get dragged down. The universe features such HUUUUGE distances, that it seems logical that it probably has many 'classrooms' of different levels. Probably there are societies light years away that are MUCH nicer and loving than we are. There may be others less so.

Some NDErs talk about "this is not real", and "this is not really home". That makes perfect sense. The spiritual reality makes the physical reality look pale, and that's the most important purpose of this forum: to let experiencers express themselves without getting rude feedback, and also to let people ask good questions without feeling silly.
:) :) :)
This kind of stuff happens to me all the time, since I was young! It happens almost every single day. And often times random song lyrics that I haven't heard in ages will pop into my head and I will start singing them, and it will be EXACTLY what I needed to hear at that moment. It's crazy! But I love it. :)
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