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To make a cool pop-up link like this
Astronomy Picture of the Day

you use code like this
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[aniwindow]http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/astropix.html,Astronomy Picture of the Day[/aniwindow]

There is a button for this code to the right of FONT COLOR in the upper part of the posting/replying area.

you write your
siteURL, description of site
you highlight that information
then you push the button (it's to your upper right, near "AddThis")

Please use the aniwindow trick for sites that are non-commercial and have some relevance to NDERF.

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Thanks !

Always wondered how to do that.


Just a reminder about how you can put links in your posts! :mrgreen:

This image resize is done with the imgres button by the way

Just put the link to the image between the tags

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