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Out-of-Body Experience
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Is there a way that I can tap into past life and between life memories? I'm also curious of how people astral project and talk to the dead. I do pray a bit and talk to my deceased mother who died almost a year ago through dreams.

Sorry to hear about your mother. I'm going to give you some homework. You need to web search some of these names to see if the information is interesting to you:

past and inter-life
* Michael Newton
"past life regression"

Astral projection:
Robert Monroe
William Buhlman
Charles Tart
* Dean Radin

Brian Foster spiritism
mindfullness meditation


* Coast to coast am
Akashic record
Ganzfeld experiment

These sources are not endorsed by NDERF, but they might open your mind to new ideas.
Thanks. I'll give it a try.
I wonder if there are any websites, groups or forums for specific locations of cities.
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