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"This is a non-profit, non-denominational and apolitical online discussion site, designed to support research and study of consciousness experiences, such as near death experiences and other spiritually transformative experiences, support experiencers and spread the message of love, unity and peace around the world. We do not allow proselytizing or bullying (please refer to our Joining Rules). We welcome and encourage people of all backgrounds, nationalities, countries and/or religions to bring up any topic they feel fit for this place and to read and participate in the conversations held here, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere."
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LINK: Interview

Just listened to this podcast starring our one and only Misha

Good Job man I'm impressed

Why Am I Here

One Look Dictionary
I very much enjoyed the interview.. Nice job
Thanks Scott,
No one is perfect, but I tried my best.
Hi Misha,
I liked your interview, unfortunately my pc broke down twice, so I didn't try again for the end.
You for sure talk a real good English, I wouldn't have guessed you were Russian.
Hi Marguy,

Sorry about your PC. I hope you can make it to the end someday. I think it gets better near the end. I can email an .mp3 to you if you need.
I was born in the U.S., but I'm in R. taking care of aging relatives.
Misha wrote: Thanks Scott,
No one is perfect, but I tried my best.

Hey you did real well and I wasn't aware you were a bio something or other

You actually sounded very professional and well educated

Why Am I Here

One Look Dictionary
That a was an excellent interview, Very interesting and a pleasure to listen to.
How long have you been in Russia taking care of your aging relatives? They are very lucky to have you.
Thanks Natalie,

Over 5 years already!
It has been a sacrifice professionally and financially to be here.
Please send us good vibes for health and success
What an incredible act of love, kindness and unselfishness on your part.
Sending you best wishes, and lots of positive energy from California
Misha, you did great! And thank you for sending me the compressed files. NDERF is doing us a favor by sponsoring this forum, and all of you who work to maintain this site are doing a great job.
Hi KenL!
I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was around midnight, I have mild asthma, and I wanted the show to have facts and examples, not just opinions, so I took it very seriously -so yeah, it was harder than it sounds to prepare for. Xavier did some good editing too, and in the end, I hope it opens someone's eyes or mind.
Hi Misha, I listened to your interview a couple of times as I thoroughly enjoyed it. You were right on target explaining what you do here for those of us who have experiences. I would look forward to being able to listen to additional details of what the poll in the experience form reveals. Again I enjoyed it, Thanks
Hi Robert,
Thank you for your kind words. The nice comments from people here have meant a lot to me.
NDERF is working to improve their systems and to make it less labor intensive.
You can send good vibes for them to complete their work with programming, databases, etc.
That was a great interview Misha!!
Thank you! :D
You are most Welcome Misha and I would actually like to thank You, for the tremendous effort and work you are putting in at Nderf for all of us, along with taking care of elders in your family...

Take care
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