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Hi, I'm new here. My near death experience happened 8 months ago. Like most people, my story is hard to put into words, let alone on paper. I would like to post it here. This is the first time I've been able to put it on paper.

My husband and I were headed for a divorce. We had been married for almost a year and I found out that he had been unfaithful. I hated him. I am a recovering alcoholic, and I was determined that I wasn't going to drink over him, so I would just starve myself a little, at him. I have struggled with anorexia off and on my whole life, but I didn't think it would kill me. I would be able to stop on time. Things started happening though. I couldn't stop myself. I was losing the battle. I started getting scared. I needed help, and I needed help fast.

On June 24th my Husband asked if we could talk. He walked in the door no earlier than 8:30 pm. He and I had always connected with music. I played him the song Battleships by Daughtry. Basically, I forgave him. I knew that I needed him more than I needed to be angry with him. I was sick. He was also in recovery and knew that I could not get better on my own. I was dying right in front of him. I remember the shock and agony on his face when he found out that I only weighed 104 lbs. But it still didn't seem like I was in immediate danger. We decided to go to our spot on the beach and talk. It was my favorite place in the whole world.

At around 10:00 pm we were sitting in the sand near the water, and all of a sudden I felt something. All I could think was that my blood sugar had crashed. But worse than any other time. I knew I wasn't going to make it off the beach. My husband saw me change. He said what's wrong? All I could get out was "blood, sugar" he asked me where my {glucose} tablets were, and I said "bag - home". Out of instinct, we got up quickly to get across the beach. I usually had a minute or two before the crash would take over. I could make it to the car. I didn't take two steps before I started leaving my body. My husband say's I oozed to the ground. I remember this feeling that my body couldn't hold on anymore that that it was too heavy for me. I said out loud, I thought I had more time. I didn't get to go to Disney world."

My husband heard me say this. I was talking to a spirit that I had met before. I could hear my husband asking me to get up. I tried, but didn't resist the desire to just lay where I was. I tried to tell him that he would understand why I had to stay here. It was so peaceful. He wouldn't want me to get up. I could still feel his hand trying to get a pulse on my neck. I felt guilty for not getting up. But steadfast with my decision to leave. I was looking down at myself on the beach. At one point, I can't remember when though. I thought that this was such a blessing! I got to die at my favorite place in the world!

I was now in a space that was golden in color and feel. It was warm. II started seeing images roll in front of my eyes like a movie. With each image I saw it with pure love. I saw it through God's eyes, not my own. I knew why everything that had happened to me had happened. All of the abuse, rejection, hate anger, abandonment. All of it had indeed meant something. God wept with me at one point. I felt more love than humanly possible. I had become love. There was not one single reason for me to go back to the human world. I was done. I knew I had a brief second left to tell my husband something. I tried to say "I love you so much", but what came out was, I LOVED you so much. Tell my boys I love them and that I will always love them.

I felt a hand on my chest and the air leave me. I saw my heart stop, and then finally my eyes. Then nothingness. Just a void. But then things started happening I felt something being ripped from me. I can only explain that it felt like a demon. I groaned as it happened. My husband said that it sounded like something coming out of the pits of hell. I started speeding forward as if towards a barrier. I was being chased by evil spirits that resembled people that were not dead from my past. But mostly by a snake like figure. I heard a voice ask me:

Mindy, what do you know to be true of Jesus Christ?

I answered, "That he died on the cross for me."

Instantly light burst through the dark. A hand stretched out and took mine. I ascended upwards, starting as a wild eyed child and ended up a beautiful woman. I was whole. I was healed. I was in the presence of God. I was loved. I felt like a giddy school girl. I started running up to something like a door. I was excited. It was like I was home after a long time away.

All of a sudden I heard a voice cry out, "Somebody Help me!!" I recognized it. It was my husbands. I turned my head, and placed my hand on my heart. I said "I can't leave him like that." I felt it with the most tenderness in my heart.

Next thing I feel is a heavy weight, and I am back in my body. Only I have the sense that I am naked, and was surprised to see clothes on my body. I started having what can only be described as a seizure. I felt like my body was being jump started. I fought to regain consciousness’s, and I felt like I was in the middle of a storm. The air was very loud and felt thick. Thicker than wind.

I sat up and started screaming out that I think I just died. Love is all that matters! My husband and I sat there trying to fit together what we had both just seen and experienced for about 15 minutes. He insisted that I go to the hospital. I didn't disagree with him, but I told him, "They aren't going to find anything wrong with me."

There wasn't.

I was sent home on half a bag of fluids, and told to seek help for anorexia.
Thank you for sharing, and welcome to the forum, Mindz38.

I think Satan does his best to confuse us so that we think God will not accept us into heaven. We have the secret to gaining absolute bliss inside all of us. It's called love, and it resides in our hearts.
welcome at the forum Mindz38

Thank you for sharing your NDE. I suppose that it was not an easy thing to do.
Are there any results that came up after your nde? Like insights after thinking about what happened?
This would be interesting to know.

Mindz38 wrote: I was being chased by evil spirits that resembled people that were not dead from my past. But mostly by a snake like figure.

When I read it I had like a feeling that some of the demons that plague us, some way have been created by ourselves in the course of our lives? Maybe I'm wrong. What is your idea about?

wish you a nice day
Hi Mindz,
Maybe we can get your experience into the main database at NDERF.org?
IF you are interested, I can enquire about it.
I have found it very easy to get in touch with my soul. I have suffered from Borderline Personality Disorder due to severe childhood trauma that has been healed. It has taken time to get adjusted, but I am finding that the more i talk about it the more connected I am to my soul. I have been given bonus time as I call it. I lived a life that was full of trauma. The thing about trauma is that it imprints our souls and our bodies. When the demon's were ripped from me, I became a new being. I am now leaning how to live without Borderline, and PTSD. It is an adjustment not to jump at everything...

I have become very spiritual. My husband has as well. He was changed that night. He experienced something too. He says something moved through him just before I started breathing again. We are working on our marriage. We bought a house that we didn't think we could afford. We got a puppy that seems to be the little girl I had wanted desperately. My husband is considering leaving his job of nearly 20 years as a part salesman for ford, and take a position at our church.

My husband has taken to calling me Radar (from MASH). He knows everything before asked... LOL.

I am blissfully happy when I am in connection with God. He calls me Little One. I know that I am special to him. I can chose to live a quiet life now and be at peace, or I can live a outrageous life and follow him. I am deeply deeply loved.

I believe that what I have gone through can have a great impact on the world if they will listen.
Misha wrote: Hi Mindz,
Maybe we can get your experience into the main database at NDERF.org?
IF you are interested, I can enquire about it.

They have posted it. I was a little disappointed... I had hoped they would put it in the extraordinary category, but I guess everyone thinks their NDE is extraordinary.
"...everyone thinks their experience is special." Indeed, they Know it is!

Thanks for sharing and welcome to the friendliest NDE forum on the planet.
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