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"This is a non-profit, non-denominational and apolitical online discussion site, designed to support research and study of consciousness experiences, such as near death experiences and other spiritually transformative experiences, support experiencers and spread the message of love, unity and peace around the world. We do not allow proselytizing or bullying (please refer to our Joining Rules). We welcome and encourage people of all backgrounds, nationalities, countries and/or religions to bring up any topic they feel fit for this place and to read and participate in the conversations held here, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere."
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Welcome to this forum about How Music Speaks to Me. It is a by-product of my STE which happened over 34 years ago and involved music. My experience is detailed in this website via this link. http://www.oberf.org/ste_prayer_dbv.htm click on number 305 RobertS to read the full story.

The purpose of this forum is to explore music, especially the type of music and songs that are like the one which saved my life that day a long time ago. Why do this you ask? Because that day the situations of my life were spinning out of control. They were rapidly taking any and all hope I had that I could cope with challenges we all experience and survive the consequences of our choices we make. My thoughts were replaced by an overwhelming feeling of despair and an inescapable sense of doom which I wrongly believed would only end by my death. Now because of my experience I know differently and want to share that gift of understanding the everyday music we all love in the hope that it can spare others from going through what could have happened to me that day.

In this forum I will post my thoughts about songs of artists and groups from the early days to the present, of modern Rock and Roll, also including other genres like some Country and artists suggested by you. If you have gotten here through a link you may submit requests by going back to the previous page or forum where you were directed here from as posts to this thread are not allowed. Thank You for visiting this topic and I look forward to responding to your requests as time permits.

Peace RobertS
Hi, again. This is just to let you know that you can now post replies and questions here and I will answer them as soon as I can. Thanks
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