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Out-of-Body Experience
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Here is an OBE I had some years ago, I have had several since, but wanted to share this with others who may understand. Most people laugh when I tell them this, but it is real and my long time ex partner was there to validate it.. hence one of the reasons we are no longer together.

So, here we are: Ok, it was a normal day, I had only been doing some gardening and pottering around. I went to bed around 11pm. Approximately around 2 am I had what I would say was an OBE or stral projection, in this I went to sleep meditating, seeing myself float up into the cosmos, I have had this experience but nothing could prepare me for this night, you see I was kind of flying into the cosmos very slowly and our galaxy eventually became a pin point which I could just about see under my feet as a spec of dust, I was a very long way, further than I had been before. I noticed some form of vortex and it sucked me inwards, I was travelling at an incredible speed, rather like being in a worm hole with flashing lights and sparks and stuff all around me.

Then all of a sudden I went through a hole and all I can say is that it was like the pop of a champagne bottle, pop, and I was inside somewhere. Well, honestly I really would not wish to go back there, it was as if I was suspended in thin air in the darkest of spaces, it was deathly quiet, however, there was a presence which absolutely terrified me, I saw nothing, I just felt something was watching me from within the darkness, it was nearby, I felt it and it was not a good nature. This worried me and whilst in my sleep? I started to panic, I really wanted to get away, I struggled to get back out of the hole which seemed to be like a one way valve, I do not know how long I was in there but I know my physical body was in distress.

I felt so much panic and was scrambling to get out of the space, eventually like in a movie when they diffuse the bomb with 1 second to go, I popped out again like a champagne cork out of it, relief came over me but I felt my cord? was stretched to the maximum, by the way, the place I went was between the 2nd and 3rd star of Orion and continue on for some time.

Anyway, my supposed cord was stretched to it's maximum and I felt it pulling on me with great force, just like a stretched rubber band, now, at this time I was hurtling towards our galaxy and whilst doing so, my physical body was impressed upon the mattress so much, I was almost level with it, It felt like I was pushed inside the mattress because of the sheer speed I was doing, in fact, the entire bed shook as if there was an earthquake occuring- we do not have earthquakes like this in the UK.

So whilst this was going on, it woke my partner at the time and he ran into the landing wondering what the hell was going on. The bed was rattling, banging against the wall so hard it woke the neighbours- and this was a stone wall, not some modern thin wall.

Now, I was coming in really fast and could not slow down, at this time my physical body started to scream because I felt like I had jumped off the empire state building and was going to hit the ground, but I was coming back into my body, as I entered my body the force hit so incredibly hard that it pushed me against the springs to the maximum and the force literally threw me out of the bed and across the room so I ended standing upright near the dressing table- that was like 7 ft away, then I awoke really startled and my partner asked if I was ok.

Afterwards he said that was the creepiest thing he had ever seen, and I was quite shaken and remember everything so well, this has never left me, I always wondered what actually went on.
We don't laugh at anybody experiences around here We will laugh with you , but not at you

Why Am I Here

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Garry wrote: We don't laugh at anybody experiences around here We will laugh with you , but not at you

I said this because friends and family think I am potty for sharing it with them! I myself can be quite sceptical about things, but when they affect you physically, then there must be an explanation for such odd occurences.
Hi Meaderbertha,

Welcome at the forum.
This is a place where most people talk about strange things, so don't worry we wouldn't laugh at you. Actually we take them quite seriously. We are all on the great QUEST.
Have a nice day
Hi Meaderbertha,

You had an impressive experience! I believe you because my NDE was somewhat similar with a tether attached to my body during an operation. The presence I felt in the dark place was very evil, and I was desperate to get away, but my tether held me there and I had to be rescued by an angel. I know how frightened you must have felt!

I too have separated from my body after meditation, and it seems being physically weary at the time makes it easier. I would be curious to hear if others have experienced the same? It has not happened often, but when I float above my body I notice my spirit sort-of glows with a blue tint.

Beyond all of the spirit talk, I wish to welcome you here as well. :-)
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