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ENSTASY - Standing Inside Oneself - BY Mira Sai

is with the
power imminent in poetry,
that poets can dance their own
unique dance, in a realm far beyond
mind, touching thoughtless thought,
tasting an unusual bliss, making it so
alive, that it leaves one deliciously
satiated, and yet, longing for

This evocative collection of poems is an expression of Mira Sai ma’s sharing of the bliss filled experiences and the insight, where she realized, that we are all an expression of the Divine in mutual identity of substance, like waves on the ocean or ice cubes in water.

During and after her Near-Death Experience, Mira Sai ma went through a myriad of profound metaphysical and mystical occurrences and meditations which brought through, a full resounding realization of the Supreme Truth… unfolding within her an intimate sense of that supreme oneness she had been consumed in, that we are all - indeed One… within the vast unifying Love energy of Divine Consciousness, as expressed in her very first poem, ‘Kindred Strangers’.

The experience of Enstasy, which Mira Sai ma alludes to, in this sacred poetry, enables us to share her experience of standing within the timelessness and bliss of this all-pervasive Self, as our very own Self.

It is our true trans-personal, immortal and omnipresent Self, which allows us to experience standing in union with all ‘other’ beings in the plenitude of divine beingness. This condition is forever existent. We simply have to wake up and realize it.

The Enstasy poetry collection awakens us to rise up and stand within our truest ‘Self’ nature. The heart to heart connection of standing with and within the Divine, which these poems have the power to convey, can awaken within us, a realization of the need to experience that enstasy… which comes by standing within the all-embracing Divine nature of one’s own true Self; and which this beautifully crafted volume of the author’s experiential ‘enstatic’ poetry, each ending with a glimpse into that truth, so wondrously evokes, with great clarity and immediacy.
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Fyi... Book is available on Amazon now.

Please follow link for more info:


Thank you for looking
So sorry it seems the link to Amazon I placed earlier is incorrect :(

Please type in Enstasy at Amazon.com and it should take you to the book page. This is a special edition very high-end quality, coffee table hardcover book with very few copies. After these are finished, the new printing will be on normal quality paper.

Hope this self-help, inspirational, mystical, poetical journey book brings some answers for you and the deep profound Truths bring a sense of peace and knowing into your life and inner being ...

In gratitude,

- Mira
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