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"This is a non-profit, non-denominational and apolitical online discussion site, designed to support research and study of consciousness experiences, such as near death experiences and other spiritually transformative experiences, support experiencers and spread the message of love, unity and peace around the world. We do not allow proselytizing or bullying (please refer to our Joining Rules). We welcome and encourage people of all backgrounds, nationalities, countries and/or religions to bring up any topic they feel fit for this place and to read and participate in the conversations held here, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere."
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Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum. Just wanted to stop by and say hello. I've personally experienced 3 NDEs. I have a lot of experience in palliative care. I've worked with many people experiencing NDEs, survivors of families who have lost loved ones (including my own son when he was twelve) and am also a brain dialog researcher. Looking forward to getting to know you.

Brainview :D
Hi Brainview!

So glad to have you here. Welcome!!!

What a privilege to have someone with you experiences join us. I am looking forward to hearing more about your near death experiences and the type of work that you have done with families who have lost loved ones.
Hi BV,

Nice to meet you :geek:
Thanks! It's great to be here.

Just thought I'd share a thought here.

When we completely focus on being in joyful love in this present moment and FEELING the associated feelings of joyful love, we are ONLY thinking those types of thoughts. When we do that, we are doing nothing else unrelated to thinking and feeling authentic, joyful love. After working with thousands of clients since 1988 experiencing PTSD and trauma, to get to a place of peace in the mind, I ask them to focus on what they CAN do to feel joyful love. The easiest way to do this is to use Noah St. John's discovery of something called afformations. These thought patterns, using questions only, are much different than affirmations. I encourage you all to recite the following afformation. Relax your body, especially your shoulders and then say it repeatedly in an undistracted location for just 10 seconds. Then notice the peace.

"Why is it that I feel so calm, confident, welcome and wanted for who I am today?"

Saying this afformation helps you direct your mind to peaceful, authentic, joyful love feelings. You can let them flow throughout your entire body which also helps you naturally balance your brain chemistry. Balanced brain chemistry supports well being and we can all use that!

Brainview :D
Very good advice, Brainview! I used to describe it as using the "minds eye" portion of the brain that we focus while reading a good book. That seems to be the part of me that can reach out to loved ones in heaven. I send them positive thoughts often because I know they can feel it.
Hi Brainview,

Welcome at the forum and thank you for your good advice!
Hope we can learn a lot more from you.
Wish you a nice day
Thanks for the nice welcome. And so, here's another afformation for today...

"Why is it I feel so welcome, loved and alive being fully present in this moment?"


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