ADC from best friend

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ADC from best friend

Post by Thelistener » Sun Nov 19, 2017 3:10 pm

My best friend of 35 years died two months ago from an inherited genetic illness. I spent the last two years whilst she was very sick visiting her in hospitals and staying with her. She was very spiritual and we spent many hours discussing esoteric matters. She believed we are source energy experiencing life in human form. She was also a scientist. We discussed NDE stories from
This website. I was with her when she died. She was in end of life care in hospital. She wanted to go, her lungs had all but failed, she couldn't eat and was in pain: she was on morphine but for two days asked to go to be taken. Finally I brought her a photo of her beloved dog who had died the year before and told her he was waiting. She took off her oxygen mask and wouldn't let us put it back on, and so I talked to her of letting go of this reality and moving into the light. She fell unconscious and I told her to not look back but keep going to where all her beloved animals waited for her. I asked her to remember to visit me and send me some orbs. She had always been able to see orbs and also energy lines everywhere. She even photographed a large turquoise one. After she passed I left the room to her family and went to sit outside: immediately I sat down a huge surge of pure joy rushed through me like a bird released from a cage. I knew it was my friend telling me how it felt to pass on. A little sparrow alighted on the table in front of me and looked at me and hopped about for five mins. My friend fed the wild birds in her garden twice a day and they flocked to her. I took the sparrow as a messenger too. I also experienced a visual where I could see bright green lines on the ground : not anywhere else: not the sky or anywhere but when I looked down I could see them. After about 15 minutes this stopped. I left to return home and decided to just turn up at the nearby train station and get the first train to my home and as I walked into the platform of the small town station I sat in the first seat, next to an elderly lady. I then realised she was chanting softly and I looked across at her to see she had mala (meditation beads in her hand. It made me smile as my friend had chanted and had mala beads. The lady stopped chanting and I felt she was waiting so I said "lovely chanting". She smiled. She wore beautiful turquoise Indian tunic and trousers but was a Caucasian lady with grey hair pinned up into a bun. I told her my best friend chanted with mala beads and that she had died a few hours ago. The lady said she would like to give me something. She reached into her bag and pulled out a leaflet entitled "life beyond death". I opened it to the first page and read that "I am not my body, I cannot die"... The first sentence. I felt almost like I was dreaming this encounter it was so perfect. The lady said that my friend is fine she's happy now. We talked some more and then her train arrived, she asked my name and my friends name and I asked if I could hug her which we did. She blew me a kiss as the train doors closed. It felt surreal but so right. I believe I was meant to meet this lady and it happened because I had felt the need to just turn up
For the train without even checking the times. I just knew I had to get there and just wait for a train. It was so helpful to me to meet that lady and very comforting. I have also had what I believe to be ADCs. I feel cold alongside my left leg whenever I'm sitting down. However warm the room is. Like she's sitting next to me. I saw a smallish white flickering light orb in front of a shelf in the bookcase in my bedroom when I was going to sleep : always in the same spot: there were no light sources or shiny things to reflect light to cause this. So after a week I decided I should see what book was immediately behind this light. I took it from the bookcase and opened it at random and my eyes lit immediately on a paragraph stating Mizpah and its meaning "Mizpah she whispered" that means the Lord watch between thee and me when I am absent"..."
I didn't know this phrase until I read that. I've not seen the white light since. Message received!
Also I have lots of events of synchronicity which I choose to believe are from her. I wanted to share this experience with people who are open minded. I like that I can do so anonymously. I can't tell anyone I know about these things Imageas they will think I'm going crazy.

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Re: ADC from best friend

Post by dreamer » Sun Nov 19, 2017 4:32 pm

Welcome, great experiences.

Thelistener wrote:I then realised she was chanting softly and I looked across at her to see she had mala (meditation beads in her hand. It made me smile as my friend had chanted and had mala beads.

Are you into Bob Olson's books and after life TV? I am, I think he did some great research on the after life!

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Re: ADC from best friend

Post by ZenTzu » Sun Nov 19, 2017 4:37 pm

Welcome, TheListener!

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