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Solfeggio frequencies & binaural rhythms

Posted: Tue Feb 07, 2017 1:49 pm
by Visitor
I don't know where to post this.....

Has anyone tried these?

I have found the Hymn to St. John the Baptist absolutely marvellous... Bought it finally so I can have it while travelling. I saw him watching me one night when I was listening to it. No significance...just sort of there in the corner of the room for a few seconds.

While playing these in the beginning...especially the long ones....a voice kept breaking in and repeating 'that is need to stop now.' I did...and since then I use them to relax but don't fall asleep with them.

I have started to hear them bring used in tv. I guess it's yet another way to manipulate us into subconsciously liking an ad or tv series!

I love the hymn. By the time it's finished I am off flying out there in the universe! I don't think the sung part finishes before I am off!

Re: Solfeggio frequencies & binaural rhythms

Posted: Wed Feb 08, 2017 12:26 am
by Giulia
Visitor wrote:I don't know where to post this.....
Hi, Visitor. We are in the process of creating an area for cases such as this, when you don't know where to post something.

As a rule, the choice depends on the purpose of your post. This section is basically designed to talk about "All experiences that are not a NDE or ADC, such as OBEs, Spiritually Transformative Events, Reincarnation, Psychic, Prayer, Precognitive Dreams, etc.", so binarual beats seem to fit in fine.

As far as I am aware, binaural beats are aimed at brainwave entrainment by playing a frequency into one ear and a different frequency into the other ear, so as to obtain a third tone. I cannot imagine this being successfully achieved without the use of a headset, headphones, earphones or earbuds.
Visitor wrote:I have started to hear them bring used in tv. I guess it's yet another way to manipulate us into subconsciously liking an ad or tv series!
Here is why I cannot imagine this system to apply to TV.

As you described, binaural beats can be targeted at achieving a modified state of consciousness, and users should be made fully aware of this, before exposing themselves to the tones, just like when taking a psychoactive substance that alters your normal state of alertness.

If the TV or the radio could produce brainwave entrainment, that could result in people driving in a modified state of consciousness and being a danger for road traffic, for instance.

Of course, binaural beats can also be used to enhance your state of alertness and concentration, but I would never venture into using any such systems for the first time unless I were in a safe place were I cannot cause danger to myself or others, as individual reactions may vary. I also feel that brainwave entrainment should not be administered to minors or to anybody suffering from unstable conditions without the supervision of an expert.

I hope this helps.

Re: Solfeggio frequencies & binaural rhythms

Posted: Wed Feb 08, 2017 2:17 am
by Visitor
They both work just fine on my ipad speakers. Sure the finer the speakers the better the experience but even with crappy iphone speakers they seem to work just fine. Even when barely audible as some delta bonaurals are....the brain still latches on and copies the frequency. Even with music overlaid....the brain hears them and copies right along.

I wouldnt use them driving or being busy. That would be stupid and i dont believe anyone is that daft.

I have used them on planes especially to relax and sleep but then obviously with earbuds in. I found the binuaral beats really helpful. Just with the beats not with music overlaid.

As i said it appears binaural needs to be limited and not played for hours on. That is my opinion based in the voice breaking in instructing me to 'end it now'. I was ofcourse using the delta frequency at the time.

On planes there is so much distraction and discomfort that even if i play it hours on end...which i do... i am restless anyway and break awake often. So obviously no problem then.

What binaur bets do is regulate the brain hearing delta beat guides the brain to copy and sink into delta...which is deepest part of sleep we use.

I find a couple of the sea recordings...sounds of waves on beaches...also very helpful. There are a couple where the ear picks up the finer gurgling on water over small pebbles and thta relaxes me enormously as well. That i just leave running and youtube seems to end it at some point when there is a blip on wifi reception.

Funny though that for both binaural and ocean..only a couple of recordings in each help. The rest are irritation to me.

This is all in promoting relaxation and sleep...which for those who want to expand the opportunity for sleep and OBE should be useful items in their toolboxes.

The solfegio frequencies are different thing altogether. That is literally 'music for your body'. We vibrate to a frequenct so naturally we delight and harmonise when we hear them. The st john hymn is specific because it hits all six notes giving us a complete 'makeover' for better living. My heart skips beats in the beginning as it adjusts and then calms down.....and i literally expand in attention mood during the day. At night when relaxing, it fills my soul and i feel as if i soar out to the galaxies.

I havent used the rest of the salfegio frequencies yet.

which is why i was asking if anyone here had used them. And what they experienced.

Re: Solfeggio frequencies & binaural rhythms

Posted: Wed Feb 08, 2017 2:30 am
by Visitor
Just in case anyone is what i use

My binaural delta (might be the right one for me but maybe you find it irritation?)

The st john hymn....

The ocean one i use