Hello from Joshua Tree

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Hello from Joshua Tree

Post by rebirthmp » Thu Feb 16, 2017 4:05 pm

Hello all!
I am new here, just looking around. I have had my own process with life, afterlife and NDE. I do Reiki and often when I work on a client I can see their loved ones or others who are there to help with the healing. I often can see or feel those who have passed on who's spirits are still lingering here on earth. I had most of my MAJOR encounters when I live and worked in Maui, HI. My NDE was in 2009 when I was shot point blank in the chest. I was pronounced dead but they obviously got me back. I had 3 very clear experiences that day.
The first was when I was still at the location of being shot: I left my body and took myself to Maui to a beach to kayak off into the ocean where I was going to jump in and let go of my life. When I reached my foot into the water I was pulled into my kayak and raised into the sky. I was asked by a great light "Do you still have work to be done?" I answered "Yes!!" the next thing I knew I was in an ambulance where the DA was asking me who shot me and who should they call. I had not talked to my family in years! I did not know their numbers! BUT a light came to me and told me my mother and fathers number. It said you will need them for your work that is still to be done. When I was in the hospital I flat lined again for 12 min. I was "dead" and when I was dead I spoke with the light again. I wanted to know if the pain that I was dealing with would last always and would it be worth it for the work that I still had left to do. It told me my life would "hurt" but the pain that I will live with would be worth it for the work I had left to do! A few days later while on life support I dealt with a dark light. I was being pulled to a fire where TI was being told that my pain would not be worth the work and that I needed to tell my sins and as the fire got so hot that I could not take it, I recall my grandfather pulling me back to my bed telling me that not all work is easy and that I am worth the fight. He then told me that it was not my time to pass.

Anyways. I am still around working hard to figure out my path and what work I have here. I do what I can but I still deal with my DV and the PTSD from that day. But I am here and happy to be with like minded people who will not think that I am crazy!

BIG HUGS with Love and Light.

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Re: Hello from Joshua Tree

Post by ano1 » Thu Feb 16, 2017 10:15 pm

Welcome, Michelle

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