Hi, Introduction and story

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Hi, Introduction and story

Post by Davesjourney » Wed Nov 22, 2017 1:51 am

Hi All,

Just joined here as over the last few days as I have become compelled to research a specific memory I have from when I was young. Upon searching I have found others with slightly similar stories though not completely identical, which until now I haven't been completely convinced was a real event.

Firstly I am definitely what you would call a septic in many cases, and no offense to many here I just find many too hard to believe, in part probably because they clash with my experience (and that is if it is real in itself and not something I dream t up as a child). Ive never shared this with anyone else nor would I. Luckily I can do this under some anonymity here and hopefully find some answers .

But here goes. This is something I recall as a 4 year old and seams to surround an outing with my mother and grandparents to what was a place that showed dead moths that were housed in a museum/display type setting. I an not completely sure this event happened here or the memory first came to me here but this is the setting I was in when I recalled the event.

So basically the event itself was in a much different setting, It seemed clinical, very open and dark yet clear and not on earth itself. I was with a woman who was of higher authority than me (I felt like a teenager and she was a teacher) who asked me if I wished to continue life on this earth. I was at first confused by what she meant but at the same time knew if I chose no that I would be dead on earth. One bizarre thought i remember was " In what way could I die in a room full of moths haha..". Anyway I was told of my possible journey if I was to continue (and was more than happy to continue if not only for the thought of the pain it would cause my mother if I chose to not go back). It seemed the journey would have challenges and lows but an experience too good to not take up.

My journey was put to me like this. It was of no critical significance to me and my overall journey but an extra experience that was almost kind of a novelty. It was made clear that this was not the case for all people here but was for me as if I was existing under different circumstances. It also seemed as if this woman needed to seek approval from higher than herself though i don't remember meeting anyone else.

So since the by the time I was around 17 I had almost resigned to the thought that this was possibly a dream that I had somehow remembered and misinterpreted. That was until one day at school I cut my thumb quite deep and had a bit of a panic attack and collapsed in a school classroom falling and hitting by head on the concrete and lino floor. After some time I started to become aware of the other students talking saying he's dead, he's turned purple and i felt in a dark place yet extremely calm thinking maybe this is what it's like to be dying and was quite content to be going wherever it was I was going next. Well as you can guess I'm still here haha so I did start to feel my body and regain consciousness. I remember seeing my teacher sitting down on a chair I a very bad way yet very revealed. I have since found I have a heart condition in which my brain tells my heart to slow down instead of speed up after this once happened later in life and did some medical tests. But this event confirmed to me the same feeling I had about this early memory and that everything here was only a small part of my existence.

Anyway as I said , I am still not 100% sure and once again as time goes on my mind doubts more and more. But it still remains very strong and vivid.

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Re: Hi, Introduction and story

Post by Giulia » Wed Nov 22, 2017 1:54 am

Hi, Dave, and welcome Image Do make yourself at home!

I have read your interesting post and would like to re-read it carefully as soon as I have a quiet spell, so that I can provide an input.

In the meantime, please rest assured nobody takes offence about what you call being scheptic. We all have a unique point of view and the brilliant thing about this place is that you do not really need to worry about other members thinking something is strange.

Looking forward to getting to know you!

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Re: Hi, Introduction and story

Post by dreamer » Wed Nov 22, 2017 1:56 am

Welcome Dave,

I am not an NDE'r but have very similar experiences through psychic, medium, intuition, dreams, etc.. Because I have had a lot of success in dreams, I go by dreamer.

The knowledge, information and help I got and continue to get has protected me and my family, saved me money and been beneficial in living life everyday.

So, I encourage you to continue your studies and would suggest starting with studying NDEs since that appears to be what you have experienced but probably don't want to experience again. I would then go on to 'intuition' which is really a form of using your psychic ability and sometimes connecting with your spirit guide.

We are not alone here on earth ---- even if you are a skeptic! I have been 'assisted' all my life but being more 'open and aware' has made it easier to get and recognize the help!

Good luck on your 'journey'!

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Re: Hi, Introduction and story

Post by ZenTzu » Wed Nov 22, 2017 1:59 am

A warm welcome to you Dave :)

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Re: Hi, Introduction and story

Post by Davesjourney » Wed Nov 22, 2017 2:02 am

Thanks everyone

Dreamer, I defiantly wouldn't classify this as a NDE but more as I notice some put as Pre Birth, sounds weird i know.

But having said that I've kinda been there too as I mentioned later in my story. No tunnels of light though, I remember the last time this happened I was in hospital and one of the nurses asked me, she seemed disappointed haha. But really I was only out that time for less than a minute as I has a nurse right next to me to do chest compression's.

I am really glad I decided to research this a bit and find similar stories.

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Re: Hi, Introduction and story

Post by Davesjourney » Wed Nov 22, 2017 2:07 am

Hope this is ok.

As I said earlier It's because of finding others stories that were similar that I have decided to share mine. So I thought I would share some lines that I felt close to my experience from other on the web.

We communicated through thought - not words - and I remember distinctly communicating to him "but what if I fail?" He very comfortingly responded over and over "it never ends - it never, never, EVER ends."

I thought it really doesn't matter what happens in this life because "life never ends.” I felt very relaxed and serene with that knowledge.

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I was pointing to the Earth. My body wasn't an earthly body; it seems like it was invisible, as if I could see through myself.

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My memory of what I will call Heaven is very simple. I was looking down at planet Earth from somewhere that felt like home. I cant remember seeing anything around me. I was far enough from Earth that I could see the whole planet, but near enough to see the oceans and the landmasses. I was very aware that that was where I would be going.

There was somebody just to my left but he felt higher as if I were sitting and he was standing. He was a loving and authoritative figure,

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