Aha Moment

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Aha Moment

Post by Snowalker » Wed Mar 14, 2018 2:52 pm

Hello everyone,

Having been familiar with NDE's and read a number of accounts I always considered this information important and beautiful but always someone elses experience. However, as I began watching more recent accounts on youtube the emotional impact grew much stronger and I started realizing that these experiences were much closer and familiar to me than previously thought. What I was now hearing I have felt all my life. The impact on those people were the same for me. But I wasn't an NDEr. I had no event like that. Or had I.

As I began to reconstruct the memory of my early childhood I realized that, very early on, my life as a child was punctuated with accidents, illneses, poisonings as well as emotional tramas any one of which could have easily been accompanied by an NDE. It was as if I was fighting to leave this world the moment I entered it. Even before I was born my umbilical chord was knotted. That should have ended my life right there. Then came a drowning incident when I was barely walking although according to others I wasn't underwater very long. There was poisoning by dye remover, cutting a live electrical wire, jumping off a roof, getting my leg broken on a bicycle and surgery for telescoping intestines. My mother claimed she could drive the route to the emergency room blindfolded.

I have some memories of the things happening to me but no recollection of being out of my body or having a spiritual interaction. But what I do remember was how different I felt from everyone else. Why I couldnt understand why some kids were mean to other kids. Why others seemed so different from me. Now, I think I am starting to understand. But it has taken me a very long time and a lot of pain to learn this about myself. A part of me wishes I could have known this earlier on. And, of course, a part of me knows that it was what I needed.

So here I am. Feeling like I've woken from a coma. Not that dramatic but still pretty revelatory. And curious to meet others who share these feelings.

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Re: Aha Moment

Post by ExistenceIsPain » Tue Aug 21, 2018 12:54 pm

This is the first post I've found that seems at all similar to what I am going threw. I don't have any memory of a NDE but I was traumatized as an infant and I believe this programed the development of my brain. I am curious to find more people that have not experienced the before and after conclusion. What happens when the after picture is where you started?

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Re: Aha Moment

Post by Giulia » Wed Aug 22, 2018 6:04 am

Welcome both, Snowalker and Existence!

I hope you enjoy it here. Do make yourself at home :)
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