Mental illness and death

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Mental illness and death

Post by namaste4130 » Sun May 20, 2018 10:51 am

Hello, I am wondering if mental illness carries over into the afterlife and future lives. Does it just go away when our consciousness leaves the brain behind? I haven't found much information on this but I really would like it if anyone who has any answers such as personal experiences to post a reply elucidating the matter. Thank you.

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Re: Mental illness and death

Post by DennisMe » Tue May 22, 2018 7:56 am

If people who were blind from birth can see during an NDE (which has been verified to have happen by physicians), why should someone suffering from a chemical imbalance in the brain, or a birth-defect, be any different?

Even if, at the extreme, we allow for the occurrence of (demonic) posession, this is only a physical phenomenon. In the afterlife there's no body to posess and all is revealed, so such masquerading tricks would no longer work.

OTOH, a life lived in suffering is bound to have some ill effects and death is a process, not a momentary event. We in the West have reduced it to a flatline and in some cases a flat EEG, but we all know that isn't the whole story, not by a long shot!

I wouldn't be surprised if some effects were retained and required a healing process to complete, even on the other side, way beyond our "moment of death". The problem is that everything on the other side is subjective. Especially time, which is reduced to more of a personal experience than an objectively measurable "thing". So how long such a process will take is a personal matter, maybe one person perceives it to be a millisecond while another experiences an eternity of torment. You'd have the same luck asking a caterpillar how long it took to wrestle itself from its cocoon I guess.

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Re: Mental illness and death

Post by DavidPierceFAR » Tue May 22, 2018 5:07 pm

namaste4130, it is my view, based on thousands of lucid dreams, consciously-induced OBEs, sleep-induced ones, and mixtures of the above, that when we die to the "physical waking dream," as I sometimes call it, we awaken to our greater selves beyond time, space, and death, remembering whom we really are and always have been, without the sort of filters active in the limited vibratory realm of so-called physical life that preclude such awareness. So, in my opinion, we actually live out of time; there is no "after" life because we have always existed in the greater, timeless existence, but from the limited time-bound perspective of the "waking physical," it is usually hard for us to realize this because we are like fish living in a fish bowl, as my best friend refers to it: unaware of greater reality. Sometimes, however, through mystical experiences, dreams, OBEs, entheogenic medicines, etc., we may get glimpses that allow us to remember that which we have forgotten we've forgotten, and understand that we are not truly time-bound beings as we seem to be. For me, such experiences have helped me to realize that we do not "carry" stuff from physical reality with us like baggage into the afterlife, but rather we realize that we are each vast cosmic beings, filled with love and perfection, and never separated from our loved ones. No mental illness or bad karma or punishment or forced reincarnations...none of these fearful and contrived concepts (in my opinion). The physical-life dream, though no less real than the greater reality, is the place of limitation, fear, and confusion. Not the Otherworld, which is not really "other," but here, now, always. Thank you for considering my reply. Thanks for your question.

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