Why I'm here

On this page, we suggest themes towards which to direct your meditations, prayers or positive thoughts: a great theme for the year (such as love, peace, etc.) and a monthly theme concerning environmental events.

Readers can ask for healing/positive thoughts to be directed to themselves or to somebody else.
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Why I'm here

Post by Marguy » Thu Mar 14, 2019 8:36 am

My name is Marguy. I'm not an NDEr. I'm doing translations of NDEs for NDERF since 2013.
End of 2018, I got contacted by Sylvie and have stayed in contact with her since then. When she communicated to me her idea to create a means to promote the connection between NDErs and other volunteers, in order to bring all kinds of healing into the world, through meditation, prayer, sending love etc. I found that this was a good idea. I feel honored being asked to participate in this project. Due to my above mentioned work I'm deeply convinced about the importance of spreading the message of love and hope, that NDErs bring back to us. I'm also convinced that healing is not only something of the body, but also very much about the mind/soul. I hope that we will find many people who would like to participate and make it a fruitful work.
At the same time I want to thank NDERF, Jody Long, and the administrators of the website, Garry and Giulia, for their kind help and that they are granting us this possibility.
With love

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Re: Why I'm here

Post by ano1 » Sat Mar 16, 2019 9:01 pm

Me, too.

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