For Vicky

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For Vicky

Post by Giulia » Thu Apr 18, 2019 4:54 am

Dear Vicky,

Thank you ever so much for sharing your NDE. It is ever so comforting, especially with regards to your knowledge that your children would be back with you in almost no time, if you actually did step forward.

You mention an expansion that lay on the other side of the border on which you and your friend stood, that you knew that you had been there before many times although you couldn’t remember any one particular and that it felt like Home.

May I ask if you have any visual memory of this expansion or remember any physical-sense-related details about it? I know this might sound a very naive question and please forgive me if it is.

Thanks for your patience and thanks again for sharing. đź’ž
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Re: For Vicky

Post by Vicky » Wed Apr 24, 2019 9:32 am

Hi Giulia,

Thanks for asking. I always love all questions because they force me to think, remember, and analyze, and it helps me find more to know and understand about my experiences.

I’ve been trying to think of a way that I can draw what I saw, but it’s not easy. I’m not good at drawing in the first place, but also what I saw and the way in which I was perceiving it isn’t something that I think can be drawn. The way it looked to me just through seeing with my eyes, it looked like “nothingness”. It was like a never-ending expansion of emptiness. Yet at the same time, I was also seeing it through nonphysical knowingsight. And in that respect it was everything at once. It was the opposite of “nothingness”. It was “everythingness”.

Here’s what I can say for certain. Standing on the border and looking “out into the expansion” made me know and remember that that was my true “Home”. The feeling of that place was “home”, and it brought with it such incredible feelings of comfort, relief, joy, excitement, awareness, curiosity, gratefulness, comprehension, and contentment. If I take each of those words and describe what I was feeling, here’s what that would look like:

Comfort: The feeling of having arrived at my ultimate destination. There was no more feeling inside of me longing for something, looking for something, waiting for something, wondering, worrying, or needing.

Relief: The feeling of having let go of heavy emotions, thoughts, and states of being that I had been unconsciously holding onto in my life. Now they were gone completely and I felt the lightness of being in their wake. Those heavy parts of me weren’t “gone” per se; they were “relieved”, as in no longer necessary.

Joy: The feeling of happiness and celebration. The epitome of the feeling of “a job well done”.

Excitement: The feeling of being so excited about everything that I was seeing, feeling, and understanding. A feeling of awe and wonder.

Awareness: The feeling of awakening and expanded awareness, perception, and knowledge.

Curiosity: The feeling of wanting to know and explore everything that lay before me.

Gratefulness: The feeling of being utterly grateful for the feelings and awareness that there so was much more about me than just my physical self, and knowing that there was so much love and goodness, and knowing that all my worries, heartache, and pain were not only gone but that they really didn’t “matter” anymore…not in the sense that they aren’t important but in the sense that there is so much love and goodness that it obliterates the worry and pain to the point of them being nonexistent. All pain no longer existed.

Comprehension: The feeling of clearly knowing, feeling, and understanding the true nature of my being. The expansion wasn’t a place I had yet to enter into; it was already me and mine. From my present perspective on the border, I could only look out at that expansion of my being, yet I was able to comprehend at the same time that the expansion was also me. It was just a matter of perspective. So from the perspective of “Vicky Short”, I wanted so badly to enter into that expansion and just be there. But from the perspective of the expansion itself, I had never actually left.

Contentment: The feeling of being whole, complete, and fulfilled.

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