Double Earths and Angelic Interventions

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Double Earths and Angelic Interventions

Post by Rey » Thu Feb 18, 2016 1:59 pm

Rey wrote:Agnew spoke about his theory that the Earth is really two planets, one very high frequency, and one low frequency, occupying the same space. "It turns out what the ancients were trying to tell us is that Earth is actually made up of two planets-- one 6,000 years old, and the other 4.5 billion years old. And these two Earths are of different energy the scriptures, they're called the Spirit Earth and a Temporal Earth," he explained. When the two planets merged, it was a terrible cataclysm with a massive flood, and afterward, the races of both worlds merged together, he continued.

Agnew, who explores this theory in his new novel "Bearth", said that just as people leave their body when they die, so it will happen with the planet Earth, "and humans will have to choose which world they want to go with." He cited "signs and wonders" occurring, such as quakes in unlikely places indicating that we may be nearing the time when this split will take place.

Hmmmm ........... from last night's interview :

In the latter half, author and researcher Ptolemy Tompkins discussed real life stories of angelic interventions. He was joined by police officer Tyler Beddoes, who rescued a toddler from a car plunged into a river, after he heard a woman's voice yelling "Help me!" from inside the car. Yet, the woman had been dead for some time when they got to the car-- the wreckage was so crushed, it was obvious she was killed in the impact, Beddoes explained. Interestingly, he heard the voice along with three other police officers-- it was clear, calm, and loud enough to be heard over a running creek, and sirens in the distance. Beddoes, who felt transformed by the experience, believes this was a case of divine intervention, and they were being guided by an angel to save the child who was strapped into her car seat.

There are real events that don't fit with our picture of the world, and these tend to get brushed aside, noted Tompkins. "I think angel stories are a reminder of that reality, and people gravitate to them because some part of them says...I know the world is like that," he continued. Further, accounts of angelic interactions suggest that there's something larger than us that can intercede in a way that God may be too remote to do, he added. Tompkins also talked about the reality of less benign supernatural or spiritual forces such as encountered by Joe Fisher (book link), who became involved with a spirit entity and suffered harmful consequences. ... -groesbeck

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