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Angelic Interventions - Two Experiences

Posted: Sun Dec 25, 2016 3:38 am
by Rey
Below is a post that I provided to NDERF forums back in 2011. It is based on my transcription of personal testimony given by Linda Moulton Howe regarding what she describes as interaction of unseen forces with our earthly world.

I titled it, "Angelic Interventions."

Yesterday evening on coasttocoast am radio open lines, there were a number of calls in which individuals gave their testimony regarding an experience in which they believed that they were saved from mortal danger by an unseen force. The people reporting in sounded totally credible and were dead serious. If even one of these reports is true, then it would seem that our paradigm of reality is incomplete at best.

Below are two case reports of intervention by an unseen force in which Linda Moulton Howe believes that she was saved from mortal danger. These were transcribed from the radio broadcast given on coasttocoast am radio the night of 23 December 2009.


Many coast listeners have had experiences in which something like a "thought voice'" enters the mind right before mortal danger that might be fatal, and that voice has kept them alive. But that has happened to me several times in my life and tonight I have a couple of experiences to share, wondering if the recent British medical research is an insight to a sensory network that can interface with magnetic fields and other fields in the unseen that send signals to the mind and soul.

Or, is there another dimensional physics of angelic interventions; a very real dynamic of our seen and unseen cosmos that many of us have experienced, and its been described for centuries, but the process remains a spiritual mystery ......... remains a miracle?

Experience #1

When I was at the University of Colorado in Boulder for undergraduate work, one weekend I had been invited to visit a college friend at her parents place up near Aspen. And I had been driving for some time on a dry road, blue sky, sun, perfect travel conditions, when suddenly I heard this "thought voice" that has protected me all my life, say inside my mind, "PULL OVER TO THE SIDE OF THE ROAD". I felt urgency and I stopped the car on the right shoulder. A blue car passed me, but there was a curve in the road ahead and I couldnt see very far beyond where I had stopped. After a few minutes I decided to kind of slowly drive forward not knowing what to expect; not understanding what this urgency was to pull over.

Around the other side of the bend, the blue car was crashed by another car. And a trucker was just pulling up to this fresh crash to help. He asked me to go on to the next town to find medical help. I found a small fire station with an attendant who took off for the accident scene, leaving me to wonder how that protective "thought voice" works. Because if I hadnt pulled over to the side of the road at that urgent request and waited, I could have been in the place of that blue car in that collision.

Experience #2

Another time, later on, it was July 1989. That was so haunting that I wrote down what happened and Im going to use some of one my notes to help share this one with all of you tonight, because this is Christmas Eve and this is really the essence of Christmas Eve for me and Christmas.

It's a hot July and I set off on a road trip with my teenage daughter Laura to go to Atlanta, Georgia where I had been hired to begin work as Director of International Environmental News for a TV program at CNN WTBF. And my daughter and I were just having a wonderful time playing music and singing with the sun roof and all of the windows open in my Honda Prelude. And we had been thru a couple of states, it was the second or third day into our trip and it was a hot night and I had a destination in mind which was to get to Fort Smith Arkansas for the night. And the road winds up a very steep forested hill outside of Fort Smith and then plunges down into Fort Smith in a seven percent grade. And there are trees that grow up very close to the asphalt on this hair-pinny kind of forest road. So now imagine, it's very hot. We're talking about in the upper 90s. It was very humid. It's July. All the windows in the car are open, the sun roof is open, and very strangely I realize that my left hand had begun to roll up my drivers side window. I remember wondering to myself as though my mind were suddenly disconnected from my arm and my hand muscles, "why are you rolling up the window?"

It was only seconds after the window reached the top of the frame that a large deer jumped from the trees and smashed against my drivers side door window. It was as if time slowed down so much that I remember watching the deer's tongue swirl around its front teeth against the glass. And then the deer seemed to roll up to the top of the car, right above the open sun roof. I could see its hair. And my daughter began screaming at the top of her lungs for me to stop the car followed by the horrible thumping sounds of this poor deer rolling off the sun roof down the back and off the car. And then I saw the seven degrees down hill yellow and black sign as we crested the steep hill. And I heard that trusted "thought voice" that has protected me throughout my life, "DONT LET GO OF THE WHEEL, KEEP GOING, DONT LET GO OF THE WHEEL".

And I had this leather kind of steering wheel and I remember I grasped it so hard that I could feel my fingernails in the palm of my hand. And my daughter is screaming and crying and all I could do was try to concentrate on getting down these really steep hair pin turns to the bottom of that hill. And by then my legs were shaking so badly from adrenalin that I had to stop to wait out the trembling. And when I could drive again, I saw a green light in the distance that was brighter than all the other town lights and I headed for it. We didnt have any reservations anywhere, but as I got closer to the light, it resolved into a lighted green Holiday Inn sign. And I went in, a room was available and I got my daughter into bed with some food and TV to watch. And maybe it was the residue of all that adrenalin rush, but I didnt feel well at all and I told Laura I was going to sit in the motel's hot jacuzzi for a few minutes to try to feel better. And I go down to the pool and there was one other person sitting there alone with a bright pool light behind them so all I could was a silhouette. I didnt want to talk, I just wanted to immerse myself in that hot water and calm down.

I slid into the water up to my lips and closed my eyes, and after a few seconds, this very deep male voice said, "WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU?" And I was stunned that I would be asked such a question after what had happened, by a stranger I could not see and also felt like I did not want to talk at all and I remained silent. But this deep voice asked again, "WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU?" And I opened my eyes and I looked at this silhouette across from me in this large jacuzzi and I said, "Why do you ask?" And he said, "IT FEELS LIKE SOMETHING TERRIBLE HAS HAPPENED TO YOU". And I told him about my rolling up the window and the hot night, the deer slamming into the window right after it was rolled up, my daughter screaming to stop, but an inner voice compelling me to hold on to the steering wheel and keep driving no matter what, that uncontrollable adrenaline shaking and wanting to get into the hot water to relax. And then the deep voice asked very calmly, "DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU? ......... WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO YOU?" And I wasnt sure what he meant. And he continued, "IVE LIVED HERE ALL MY LIFE. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE WE PULL DEAD OUT OF SMASHED CARS FROM THE TOP OF THAT HILL EVERY YEAR AFTER COLLISIONS WITH DEER? .... DOZENS. WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR CAR?" And I ..... had my mind come back from looking over my car and I said, "Well, it's a Honda Prelude and the left side view mirror was pulled out and it's hanging by its screws and there are some dents in my door. And there was silence. And this bright pool light was shining all around his silhouette. And then he said very softly, "DONT YOU REALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT HAPPENED TONIGHT?" And I heard myself answering, "It was like an angel took my hand and rolled up that car window to keep me and my daughter alive. ....... It was a miracle. And the man said, "YES, YOU WERE PROTECTED FOR A REASON AND MAY YOU ALWAYS BE SO BLESSED. IM GOING TO PUT A CARD ON THE TABLE FOR YOU TO USE IN THE MORNING. THERE IS ONLY ONE PLACE I KNOW THAT WILL HAVE A MIRROR FOR YOUR CAR. I'LL PUT THE DIRECTIONS ON THE BACK OF THE CARD AND THE MAN YOU NEED TO ASK FOR". And then the silhouette left the water, put a card on a nearby table and was gone.

In the morning, Laura and I found the garage mechanic's place. I showed him the card. He looked at the hanging mirror and said, "Just a minute, I think I have one". [George Noory begins to laugh.] Seriously George, soon he was back with a Honda Prelude mirror, replaced the broken one as if nothing had ever happened. And we headed off with that man telling me that he had only one Honda Prelude mirror in months and I had just gotten it.

And since then, I have never doubted that there is consciousness in the unseen, that seems to know what's coming next before our human minds do. And when there is mortal danger, it can interact with our matter world, can run interference that keeps us alive. And for me, that is angelic intervention and what the spirit and celebration of Christmas is all about for me.

And really, it really really truly happened.
Linda Moulton Howe Biography :
Linda Moulton Howe is a graduate of Stanford University with a Masters Degree in Communication. She has devoted her documentary film, television, radio, writing and reporting career to productions concerning science, medicine and the environment. Ms. Howe has received local, national and international awards, including three regional Emmys, a national Emmy nomination and a Station Peabody award for medical programming. Linda's documentaries have included A Strange Harvest and Strange Harvests 1993, which explored the worldwide animal mutilation mystery. Another film, A Prairie Dawn, focused on astronaut training in Denver. She has also produced documentaries in Ethiopia and Mexico for UNICEF about child survival efforts and for Turner Broadcasting in Atlanta about environmental challenges.

In addition to television, Linda produces, reports and edits the award-winning science, environment and earth mysteries news website, In 2003, Earthfiles received an Award for Standard of Excellence presented by the Internet's WebAward Association. Earthfiles also received the 2001 Encyclopaedia Britannica Award for Journalistic Excellence. Linda also reports science, environment and earth mysteries news for Clear Channel's Premiere Radio Networks and In 2005, she traveled to Amsterdam, Hawaii, and several other U. S. conferences to speak about her investigative journalism.

In 2004, Linda was on-camera TV reporter for The History Channel's documentary investigation of an unusual August 2004 cow death in Farnam, Nebraska. In November 2009, Linda was videotaped in Roswell, New Mexico, to provide document research background for a 1940s American policy of denial in the interest of national security about spacecraft and non-human body retrievals for a 2010 History Channel TV series, Ancient Aliens.

In 2010, Linda was honored with the 2010 Courage In Journalism Award at the National Press Club in Washington, D. C., by the Paradigm Research Group’s X Conference. She has traveled in Venezuela, Peru, Brazil, England, Norway, France, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Yugoslavia, Turkey, Ethiopia, Kenya, Egypt, Australia, Japan, Canada, Mexico, the Yucatan and Puerto Rico for research and productions.

Re: Angelic Interventions - Two Experiences

Posted: Tue Dec 27, 2016 11:18 pm
by Natalie
Hi Rey,
The Linda Moulton Howe personal testimony that you shared here is interesting. Thank you for sharing them.
I have to tell you that I felt some sadness at the thought that although Linda was saved from possible tragedy, someone else wasn't. Why would in all fairness an angelic force favor one individual over another. In a world of miracles no one would have been hurt at that moment. I know that you are just relating the story and no one knows why this happened the way it did. I suppose that is life, some get lucky and others don't.

Re: Angelic Interventions - Two Experiences

Posted: Wed Dec 28, 2016 3:34 am
by Rey
Hello Natalie,

The exclusion that happened to Linda Howe is found to not be unique.

Searching among the NDE reports we find car crashes in which one who has the NDE is told to "go back" while the other passengers have died and similarly there are battle field NDE reports where one is saved or protected while their "fellow soldiers" have been killed and lay near by. There are even NDE reports in which the one who survives/returns to their body actually sees and even communicates to the spirit of the friend or relative who was next to them, but who turns out permanently physically dead.

Look at "[i]The Third Man Factor[/i]" post (Theater of Life).

Ron DiFrancesco, was a worker at the World Trade Center on 9/11.

It was during the carnage that he recalls feeling something grab his hand and lead him out to an obvious safe pathway.

DiFrancesco was the last person to leave the South Tower before it collapsed !!!
He (a money-market broker of all things.) was saved, but how many were not helped to be saved ?

Now to speculate a bit why this is so.

Writer John Geiger who chronicles the phenomenon of the phantom companion in his book, "The Third Man Factor" states, "It's an astonishing capacity if you think about it," Geiger says. "And it sort of hints at this idea that as human beings we are never truly alone, that we have this ability to call upon this resource when we most need it in our lives."

Well, one might capitulate and agree with Geiger that each individual has such capacity to be helped. (And maybe partly that's what prayer is all about.)

However, putting together my many readings, my belief is that there are a few other things possibly going on, a couple which include spiritual (or psychic) evolution and life purpose or mission.

Yet in all of this we seemingly see what appears to be contradiction.

Who was more spiritual and had a greater mission than Jesus or who had greater life mission or purpose to affect or impact others than people like Martin Luther King or John F Kennedy ? (No end of this list actually.)


The implication is that there is a greater dimensionality to life or a wider reality that we are embedded within, but normally cannot wholly comprehend. (Maybe part of our task is is to evolve to better comprehend or connect to such wider dimensionality.)

It is probably one of the reasons why we are here (on these forums).



Re: Angelic Interventions - Two Experiences

Posted: Thu Dec 29, 2016 3:56 am
by Giulia
Rey wrote:The implication is that there is a greater dimensionality to life or a wider reality that we are embedded within, but normally cannot wholly comprehend. (Maybe part of our task is is to evolve to better comprehend or connect to such wider dimensionality.)
Thank you Rey for providing this transcript from Coast-to-Coast again.

Natalie, I can only agree with Rey about your question. Many things appear completely meaningless if seen from our human perspective. Angels are known to be messengers, which suggests they do not take action unless they are allowed.

On the other hand, I understand that science has identified a regular neural system (some kind of brain that is the size of a cat's brain) in our gut, which is where the fight/flight/freeze reactions come from, but where a lot more information appears to be regularly stored and possibly processed. There also appears to be a neural system in our heart, which has the power to influence and be influenced by others. I wonder whether the three brains are somewhat related to the chakra system that other cultures rely on, in that they helps us focus on the inner voice coming from our Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Angels, our deceased relatives and friends and our Divine Source.

Re: Angelic Interventions - Two Experiences

Posted: Fri Dec 30, 2016 6:16 pm
by Natalie
Thank you for your reply Rey,
Your explanation makes good sense. Life is such a mistery, we as humans can't rationalize why things happen the way they do, there is no consistency in how events take place, but I agree that there has to be a purpose beyond us. "Faith" is something that is emphasized in the New Testament,
and as I read your posts it makes more sense. The idea that maybe so much in this life form is not meant for us to understand as of yet, why we can't figure out why so many events happen the way they do, Faith in a divine, powerful intelligence with a deeper purpose can offer us something to hold on to.

Julia, so nice to read your post, as usual very insightful and fascinating. Thank you for your input and sharing the information about the brain. You and Rey have a reasonable perspective on this subject that I appreciate.

Thank you both

Re: Angelic Interventions - Two Experiences

Posted: Sun Jan 01, 2017 10:14 am
by Giulia
Hi, Natalie. Thanks for your words. After I wrote to you, I came across a few accounts which reminded me of your question about angelic interventions in the event that some people die and others don't. I was reminded that in a lot of Afterlife literature coming through deep-trance mediums, and in NDE accounts too, angelic or angelic-like beings are reported to intervene with the purpose of guiding people as they pass on to the Spirit World or in their NDE. So angelic interventions appear to cover a variety of circumstances, which is truly comforting when one thinks about it.

Re: Angelic Interventions - Two Experiences

Posted: Mon Jan 02, 2017 1:33 am
by ano1
Rey, Thanks for sharing this.

I know these things are real, as I have had at least one very similar experience - a voice telling me not to go when my light turned green...had I gone, I would have been killed by a very large truck, that ran its red light. I had young children at the time.

I think of the many stories about 9/11 - of people saying they were late to go to work that day for various, odd reasons, etc.

I think there is much going on around us, we just can't feel or see the whole picture - yet, we sometimes have a sense of it.
I think there is more to this life than just, this life.
In my work and with two family members, I have watched dying people talk to someone that I was unable to see, but knew they were there.

Re: Angelic Interventions - Two Experiences

Posted: Mon Jan 02, 2017 8:36 pm
by Rey
Ive had several similar instances of the same type event.

One early morning I was returning home from a friend party/gathering. It was probably 2 am when I pulled up to an intersection stop light to cross a major four lane highway (famous for whiskey running).

The light turned green for me to go, but I was unable to proceed. (lets just say it was force outside of me.)

A semi crossing at least 70+ mph ran the intersection.

The wind vortex from the semi was so great that the stop lights above the truck were observed to swing substantially.

Now, in hindsight, no doubt, I was protected.

And yet, on the same road, (but at a different crossing place) my friends wife was killed effectively under the same scenario by a semi running the stop light. (The impact was so massive that her car was squashed to like a 1.5 foot width.