Where is Consciousness Located?

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Where is Consciousness Located?

Post by Rey » Wed Feb 01, 2017 6:44 pm

Posted on ATS:

Have you ever thought about were our consciousness originates in our bodies?

What makes us ..... "US" ?

Is it our brain that holds the key to who each of us is? Or is it something much more?

Are we nothing more than wiring, intertwined in such a way that allows us to make decisions for ourselves, allows each of us to be different from each other.

Scientists believed they had pin pointed where our consciousness lies within a part of our brain.

Then this man sort of ruined that theory :

http://www.sciencealert.com/a-man-who-l ... sciousness

If you don't feel like reading the link, it basically talks about a man, who had 90% of his brain deteriorate. Most people would think someone with only 10% of their brain, still living tissue, that the person would be a vegetable. But no, this gent lived a pretty normal life, had a job, wife and two kids. But over the course of 30 years or so, his brain essentially turned to fluid. He only realized this once he went to the doctor to see what was causing his left leg to be weak.

So if 90% of this man brain melted away, was he just lucky enough that the remaining 10% just so happened to house his consciousness?
"They keep forgetting that the brain is 90% water, and only 10% grey matter. And they're looking in the grey matter, but the fact is that if you remove the grey matter, you still can have consciousness. For instance, there're people that are born with very little grey matter in their heads, mostly water, and that function absolutely normally. However, if you remove the water, you're done, right?" - Nassim Haramein

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