Soulmates - More to Think About

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Soulmates - More to Think About

Post by Rey » Wed Nov 22, 2017 2:20 am

Yup, "Soulmates"

Now how can that be ?

(Do you accept ideas about resonance & entanglement - DNA as well as spiritual ?)

Physical and spiritual entities at a common level of "vibration" - likes attract.- unlikes repel or at least dont combine, but stay separate.

In todays news:

Couple Born on the Same Day in the Same Hospital Marry 27 Years Later: ‘We Both Knew We Were Right For Each Other’

Couple born in hospital 6 days apart gets married in the same place


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Re: Soulmates - More to Think About

Post by dreamer » Wed Nov 22, 2017 2:31 am

I am a believer in what 'Robin' (your reference) was talking about. Soul mates for each 'incarnation' and multiple ones.

Past life experiences, obtained through meditation, showed me my 'soul mate' for each incarnation normally changes to others in my 'soul group'. For example, my wife/soul mate in this incarnation was my mother in a previous life. Additionally, my son in this incarnation was previously my dad in another and a granddaughter in this incarnation was my wife/soul mate in a past life.

My wife, currently a strong believing Christian, really got mad when I told her the above aspects of my 'past life experiences'. However, she did agree with the belief that we chose to be married/together in this life before we were born.

Obviously, I can't prove any of these 'past lives' nor can anyone prove just 1 life then go to 'heaven' for eternity, but you need to 'tread lightly' when dealing with strong believers with a completely different worldview.

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