How to upload a photo & your avatar

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How to upload a photo & your avatar

Post by Sylvie » Mon Mar 11, 2019 1:56 am

Hi Everybody as I find a way to upload my avatar Garry asked me to explain how I did so,the most important think to know is that you have to downsize your image or photo here are the solutions I found for myself, I hope that will be helpful .
I’m working with an I Mac so here are the two solutions I found to be able to post photos and my avatar :
1/ In iPhoto, open the photo you want to compress.
Go to File and then Export. Otherwise, you can press Shift + Cmd + E at the same time. ...
Select the option Image size not exceeding. ...
Choose a location. ...
Retrieve the reduced image file and use it as you please.

2/ I also used another trick a little more complicated but really effective ( it saved my time) to post several photos (in my post something to share with love on the 2/5/2019 in the catch all forum) I changed my photos in pdf that is to say that I inserted them on a blank document that I sent to myself; then I retrieved it in downloads and opened with preview, I went to the tab: presentation and I went down to reduce, and I put the reduced photo in my albums on my computer and so I was able to download it on the nderf website.

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