Gerald F. Rubisch (German)

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Gerald F. Rubisch (German)

Post by LifeReview » Sun Nov 23, 2014 1:01 pm

Hello everyone. A user asked us to put up some information about his book. The book is in German. Here it is:
LINK: This book at Amazon Germany

Abenteuer Jenseits: Nahtoderfahrungen und wie das Leben danach weitergeht

It is not so rare that people, after approaching the threshold of death or when they are considered dead medically, return to the physical body. They report impressive experiences: light manifestations, tunnel experiences, encounters with the deceased, or an instantaneous, panoramic view of their whole past life.

Gerald Rubisch has worked intensively with many people who have had a near-death experience. He has maintained contact with them in order to observe the changes that these experiences have brought about in their lives. He describes here not only fascinating journeys of consciousness that provide a view beyond the borders of earthly life. He also reports how near-death experiences often trigger a dramatic personal reorientation and how they can become a large challenge for a continuing existence in our physical world.

•With fascinating case studies
•Written by an expert on near-death experiences

Gerald F. Rubisch (Author)
Gerald F. Rubisch, after training as a craftsman and serving in government, for many years had his own psychological practice. During that time, he also devoted himself to adult education and gave seminars and workshops on psychological topics and naturopathic treatment. Today he has a philosophical practice for advising people on difficult life situations. He meets regularly with people who have had a near-death experience or other extraordinary consciousness experiences.

A review:
The author knows, how to give us a better understanding of
near death experiences and that he does without sounding
lurid or being too esoteric. He is handling the topic very
carefully since people who are concerned are linking it with
fears and caution.
Based on his long term experience as an Initiator of a support
group of people who are affected, he highlights a variety of
possibilities of a near death experience. Furthermore the
reader is given a religious and a spiritual base due to stories
out of both, our Christian-mystic- and other culture groups.
After a near death experience the life of persons concerned is
changing sustainably. The perspective to life will be renewed.
Life will never be felt again between birth and death but
supplemented by a thinking of an “after” and enriched with
new dimensions.
From that point of time, those people notice other aspects and
tasks in life. The strength of the book is, that the author
manages it, that not concerned persons gets participated to
this philosophy of life. This enables anyone to rethink the
own philosophy but also his life.
To explore yourself again, will be supported by the personal
story of the author. His experiences of life will be told very
openly and warmly after his own near death experience he
only recognized much later in life……..
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