learning in afterlife ?

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learning in afterlife ?

Post by sunlionspirit » Tue Jan 02, 2018 3:50 am

hello, there are so much things that I try to understand, if possible of course !! because well we cann't understand most of the happenings in NDE afterlife experience, but anyway here is my question to experiencers who could maybe put a little light on the subject .....
I hear lots of experiencers tell about their NDE and telling us that in afterlife there are also big libraries and/or schools where they saw people reading big books and learning ..... my question : if you read their experiences you see that everyone of them have immediate knowing of all things, suffice to focus on a subject and you understand everything about it ... so why would you need "schools" up there then ? why would you need to "learn" things ? why would you d'office have to come to this earth realm to learn things about love and loving when you up there in afterlife already know and experience everything about it ?
I find this all very bizar .....
Why should there be a necessity to come to this earth in blood and flesh to experience what you already experience a 1000 % up there by just fixing attention on it ???
I think that when we come to earth it is just a little part of our "soul/spirit" that penetrates this realm, we divide from the spirit world/afterlife just like if you should plunge into the swimming pool to experience waterlife so to say ...... the soul being eternally still in "heaven" and receiving back the experience/feelings but we not being conscious about that here ....
So in "heaven" we can focus on a tree but we are the tree and are totally in fusion with it, to "feel" the tree as a object we have to divide the tree from us, to split the unity, we have to become "matter" and the tree has to become "matter" then we can "feel" it as being apart/split from us in a material way in THIS earth realm .....
The mystery remains : HOW do we split from spirit into MATTER ??? how can MATTER exist ? How can I choose to become matter ?
In quantum physics we have the duality of the wave/particle ... wave (energy) becomes particle when observed, collapse of the wave function .... so as a spirit entity do I also just have to "observe intensely that specific tree" for it to become a "real" tree made out of matter and myself idem at the same moment because splitting the unity ??????? otherwise it is just a spirit tree made of all trees (symbolism) and myself in total unity with it and all the other spiritual realm ???
too much questions ooh yeah .................

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