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NDEes with Penny Sartori

Posted: Sun Nov 12, 2017 5:12 pm
by Rey
Scheduled for tomorrow (Monday) 13 November on C2C National Radio Talk Show.

With a PhD in Near Death Studies from the University of Wales, Penny Sartori ( teaches at the University of Swansea. She'll discuss her years working in the ICU as a nurse and the many near death experiences that happened to her patients. She'll share the inexplicable details they reported during their minutes of clinical death which defy explanation by current scientific standards.

PS: Highly recommend.


Re: NDEes with Penny Sartori

Posted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 5:25 pm
by Rey
Last night's interview with Penny Sartori, PhD went well. She discussed how she came to her interest in her NDE research project.

Penny stated that over the many years as ICU nurse, she was involved with thousands of critical care patients many of them who, before final death, reported NDEes as well as encounter with pre-deceased relatives. The various classical types of NDEes were discussed including even "hellish type experiences."

(Concerning the hellish experiences, Penny was asked if she knew what caused those types as seeming good/moral upright people reported having them [and seeming amoral/bad people reported having extraordinary beautiful/wonderful experiences]. Dr. Sartori offered her opinion and advice on the matter, but one needs to listen to the interview to find out.)

Call-ins reporting personal NDEes were numerous and very interesting. In one case, the experiencer's report of the life review to me supported the major conjecture (eg, aka Michael Talbot), that we live in a holographic universe and that consciousness arises from hologram/holographic processes. (Listen to last night's interview and read the
post somewhere on this form titled "New Insights into Consciousness" (note: not sure where that is now as the forum threads have since been reorganized/relocated).

In short, what is being stated is that to continue to exist as an individual (consciousness; ie, not merged into the "Absolute"), then it is required that there continue to exist the hologram that is unique to the subject individual (ie, which is a hologram that contains their aggregated memory/experiences). The act of consciousness results from interpreting (via comparison or differing their unique own memory/experiences hologram) with encountered entities (I'll call those sub-holograms).

Wala, the subject's perception or interpretation will be based on what exist in the subjects own holographic memory or some "spin" of it as well as this would also explain how the life review is able to be perceived not sequentially, but as a multitude of concurrent on-going vignettes.

Below is the C2C program summary for the subject last night's interview with Dr Penny Sartori:

Penny Sartori has a PhD in Near Death Studies from the University of Wales and teaches at the University of Swansea in the UK. She discussed her years working in the ICU as a nurse and the many near death experiences (NDEs) that happened to her patients. An encounter with a dying man disturbed her so much that she began a quest to understand death, and embarked on a five-year project to ask patients what they experienced if they had been close to death and recovered. Most of those she questioned could not remember anything, but a significant minority described what has come to be known as the "classic" NDE.

Most respondents recalled moving towards a bright light, seeing dead relatives, and occasionally a religious figure from their culture. A few had visions of a black void or even the "flames of hell" as one frightened woman described her experience. Almost all of the people who went through this also said they had a "life review." People also reported seeing how they had affected others and felt their pain if they had hurt them somehow. Based on this study, and others that are continuing, Sartori believes that consciousness does not reside within the mind, but is external and the brain "acts as a receiver of ultimate consciousness." She has also found that many patients have come back not only psychologically transformed, but also physically healed of ailments. In the last hour, listeners called in with their own NDE stories.


Re: NDEes with Penny Sartori

Posted: Sat Dec 09, 2017 4:05 pm
by Giulia
Here is the link to the New Insights into Consciousness thread, Rey.