7 times i died.

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7 times i died.

Post by Festa » Tue Jun 13, 2017 1:30 am

from my first day at school to taking a beating to hypothermia and blood so pink because of drinking to a burst appendix. i have only two memories of death. the first and so far the last event.
not going t recall each death,but i will say the deaths harm was inflicted on me those people lived in fear. one man left his family and home in fear after i took a beating from two burly men one sat on my chest beating my face while the other booted men in the top of the head. the man that stayed with his family began having paranormal events and believed i sent them to his home in revenge. my last death i think someone came back with me. i sleep walk,but like a puppet with strings. i am fully aware and even argue with my body but fail to gain control until mostly morning. until then what little control i get never holds and i am right back wondering again. it is like when i fall asleep someone else gets in the driving seat and i become the passenger fully awake but no control. anyone else having this problem. the nde was while i was being operated on i thought i had been brought up so far out of the operation so i could be revived what i saw was a white room( i say it loosely as it had no definition I.E: corners or doors) shadows moved around and there were voices but nothing i could make out. then i woke up in recovery with two surgeons hands watching over me. the paranormal is nothing new to me as even as a baby i have full recall of shadows.
my mother would find me in strange places and when probing on how i got their i would tell her the shadow people mummy.
each event on me dying or being close two as a few are unconfirmed by medical. those who did harm lived in fear. not once have i had any personally tell me the events around it. only seen the fear in their eye's.

now i have researched the paranormal for over 20 years. (researched not investigated in the field).
i have no belief in ghosts aliens only in beings of physical form not of our realm,but can manipulate it even take control of life within it somehow. even after so many years researching my personal experiences remain unanswered and this is one of them. did i pick up a passenger? creating a split personality? only instead of it taking over my body and awareness it only takes over my body at night once i have fallen asleep. leaving me fully aware the event is taking place and i can only at times muster enough control to get back to bed then my body is off again. if i wake up and try to light a cig. my body then reacts forcing me to shut down before i can even get it rolled or lit. i am experiencing a complete disconnect from my body and it is getting worse. today i had enough. i woke up in the kitchen fussing the dog. soon as i woke up he wanted out. (not all times i am fully aware i should add sometimes it feels like i am teleporting round the house and for brief moments i become aware) example: wife asked me to check electric before going to bed as i am always last man standing at night. i forgot went to bed. next thing is i am by the meter. then poof! i was in another part of the house walking in circles under a fan light) anyway i let the dog back in and i was pushed out again soon as i picked up the dogs treats. and had to watch my body force one into my mouth. trying to stop these things from happening takes it completely out of me and my brain goes like lead.

i am at the end of my tether literally and metaphorically. i used to travel but after i damaged my neck i have been unable to do so. i no longer get that feeling through my body as it began to happen. sometimes i would go back but only in the location i was in. other times i would see a dark void and glimpses of faces would appear in the darkness. sometimes i have no recall at all. only a sudden foot high full leap off the bed in the horizontal position. it would wake the wife up in such a state.the feeling of travelling as great speed still accrues, but briefly feels more like a backward vertigo. any way going to leave it here. will check back sometime to see responses.

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Re: 7 times i died.

Post by Giulia » Sun Jun 18, 2017 2:06 am

Hi, Festa, and welcome.

I am not sure I understand which are the 7 episodes you mention and what happened exactly when these occurred. If you have time, I guess it would be helpful to hear of all 7 accounts in detail.

You mention having suffered some injuries, and I was wondering whether any of these could possibly cause you sleepwalking. Sleepwalking could account for you doing things during your sleep, such as checking the meter you had forgotten to do before going to bed. The feeling of travelling very fast during sleep could possibly be a mind-awake-body-asleep situation, which is often referred to as astral travel. But again I am not sure as I do not fully understand your account.

I was also wondering whether you have suffered other injuries too, which may account for you feeling disconnected and involving the need to see a physician specialising in the conditions you complain about.

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